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Saturday night covid discussion

Larry David calls out bald man study

moonsammy says...

Absolutely. It looks indecisive. I cut my very long hair down to a reasonable length very recently, in part because I could see the top of my head is starting to thin a bit, and I don't want to be one of those guys, with the ponytail but little up top. Bald with shaggy sides isn't any better.

newtboy said:

Now 1/2 bald like Larry, he’s right. They are seen as less attractive, confident, and dominant….and not just by ladies. Pick a lane!

Django Unchained - Season 3 Opening Theme

Inappropriate “Wheel Of Fortune” Guesses

SNL Weekend Update Joke Swap

French ad for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics


moonsammy says...

I'm upvoting, but am not going to watch this trailer - I want to know as little going into it as possible. S1 absolutely rocked, with the episode Zima Blue in particular making an impression on me.

Cop Rock - Baby Merchant

moonsammy says...

I applaud your determination!

psycop said:

After seeing this floating around recently I decided to watch the series through with a mate. It's absolutely, wonderfully awful.

It's tone is absolutely all over the place where it's actually surprisingly hard hitting and progressive in the themes in some places and then suddently absolute nonsense musical in others. I highly recommend if you enjoy terrible things.

Cop Rock - Baby Merchant

Jack Whites tears it up on SNL

The best part of the VP debate

moonsammy says...

You're right, this video is the problem.

In actual fact, we're capable of having fun with the stupid aspects of politics, while ALSO being interested in policy details.

drradon said:

this is how idiots get elected: completely ignore any rational real world analysis of the policies propounded by the debaters and focus on trivialities instead. This is how Trump got elected; this is how the next idiot will get elected. And we wonder why politics is such a sh*thole in this country. Shameful.

Don't be a sucker

moonsammy says...

This is fantastic. Thank you for posting.

While he doesn't really get into politics, a while back Destin from Smarter Every Day had a brief discussion on the topic of "political grace." Basically, don't hold people's beliefs against them, as they may come to them with entirely good intentions. A challenging concept to actually practice, particularly when everyone can probably think of many examples of "how the fuck can anyone possibly believe this insane bullshit" that they've personally encountered. The audience members in this video are a solid example of why political grace matters though, as none were villains but some made some truly egregious decisions. We should look for those who preach unity and forgiveness, and be wary of those who sow division.

Live mic, Donald

David Byrne: Once in a Lifetime (Live) - SNL

The Stranglers - Golden Brown (TOTP 1982)

moonsammy says...

Almost certainly a mimed / lip synced performance, unfortunately. I really wish programs like this would've done actual live performances as the default, pretty sure audiences could've handled versions that sounded slightly unlike the album recordings.

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