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Westworld: What Makes Anthony Hopkins Great

SNL - Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open

political correctness-the fall of MTV

gorillaman says...

You mean he broke down when one minute he was excited about his awesome job and the next thousands of people were screaming at him for no reason.

He's not history's first innocent victim to be pressured into making a false confession. I hope you're proud of the side you've chosen.

ChaosEngine said:

He was big enough to admit a mistake.

Deformed Frog Parasite Life Cycle (Ribeiroia) - BBC Nature

Samantha Bee on Orlando - Again? Again.

gorillaman says...

It follows exactly. We are accountable for the things we do and for the things we would do if circumstance allowed.

Were I to tell you I was, say, pro-choice, you would be in a strong position to guess at my attitude toward a particular ethical question. If you then learned that I'd had no abortions personally, would you therefore label me a pro-lifer in spite of my stated position?

Well then, what if I tell you about an infamous tyrant of my acquaintance, a monster who committed every crime against humanity he had the means to commit, and whom I believe to be the very best person who ever lived. I tell you I intend to follow the shining example of this nightmare, shall we say religiously, for the rest of my life. Do you really presume to claim that no negative inference can be drawn about my character whatsoever? What guess would you make about my propensity for insane, vicious murder?

I have yet to have an abortion, it might be said largely in consequence of my lacking certain procedural necessities. Yet I remain pro-choice. The majority of muslims in civilised countries, the minority in muslim countries, have committed no great atrocities. Yet they remain muslim.

Jinx said:

Yeah, no, it does not follow. What people say they are, or even what say they believe, is not necessarily how they act.

Humans murder. I am a human. Ergo I am a murderer.

Dunno. seems pretty fallacious.

Samantha Bee on Orlando - Again? Again.

gorillaman says...

If the second part is true the first part is true.

Islam is a cult of totalitarian evil. Its founder was a warlord, a mass murderer, a slaver and a rapist, around the emulation of whom the entire operation is sustained.

Muslims who don't murder are exactly as guilty as muslims who do. Decent, peaceful people don't join nazi cults.

The Kool Aid I'm drinking, @iaui, is education and objective thought.

Jinx said:

Yeah, the first part is demonstrably false.

Don't get me wrong, I dislike this tendency to revoke terrorist's Muslim cards post-atrocity because a "true" Muslim would never do such a thing, but it kinda goes both way, dunnit? Either you are making some sizable edits to the definition of "peaceful" or you're suggesting that Muslims who don't murder aren't really Muslims. Could it be that "Muslim" isn't as powerful a descriptor as either you or "Muslims" might want it to be?

Samantha Bee on Orlando - Again? Again.

gorillaman says...

There's no such thing as a peaceful muslim. You're talking about followers of an ideology explicitly founded on a policy of tyranny and murder.

iaui said:

I live in a country with ~1m or 3.2% of the population is Muslim. They are the second largest religion in our nation. They are perfectly peaceful. You live in a country where ~3m Muslims live, comprising 1% of your country's population.

How many of those people were involved in this act yesterday? What percentage?

Samantha Bee on Orlando - Again? Again.

The Bed We've Made | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Louis C.K. on Jeopardy May 18, 2016

Conan busts the secret employee "Foodie List"

gorillaman says...

I could hunt and slay any one of my co-workers, butcher their corpse, cook it, serve it up on a conference table and tuck in quite happily without experiencing any feeling of guilt.

GOT-Season 6: Episode #2 Clip - Tyrion and the Dragons (HBO)

gorillaman says...

I just finished the books yesterday and, god damn it, I don't think I can watch this show any more. Thanks George RR Martin, way to be a good writer you piece of shit.

Let's Talk About Bathrooms

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Abortion Laws

gorillaman says...

What if the problem is oversensitive children who want daddy to disappear everyone who disagrees with them? Whom do we invoke to solve that problem?

VoodooV said:

I know it won't work, because moderation doesn't exist here, but i'm going to attempt to invoke @dag on this one last time.

What does it take to get someone banned here? He was posting racist videos a couple weeks ago now he's all in for the murdering based on political affiliation.

It's tiresome dag, so tiresome. ignore isn't a solution, it's literally ignoring the problem.

Babymech (Member Profile)

gorillaman says...

Only in the sense that, like the jews, SJWs are a menace that must be ruthlessly opposed and ultimately, happily, exterminated.

I hope you don't find that offensive at all.

Babymech said:

I don't know you, so I have to ask - is that an intentional hint you're giving us that so-called social justice warriors are really Jew vermin? Because that would be fascinating.

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