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CEO who gave his employees min. $70,000 thrives 6 yrs later

Norm MacDonald's Hilarious Appearance on Conan

Reservation Dogs Trailer

eric3579 says...

Thanks, replaced with yours as we likes to includes alls the peoples when we can

You might be interested in listening to Sterlin Harjo talk about all things Reservation Dogs and other things.

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast (audio)

Tiger Belly podcast w/Bobby Lee (video), who plays the doctor in Reservation Dogs

vil said:

This one is not region blocked for me:

Taika Waititi FTW!

Reservation Dogs Trailer

After the recent IPCC climate report an old 'Newsroom' clip

5 Safety Tips For Your Best Kitchen Knives

Inappropriate “Wheel Of Fortune” Guesses

lucky760 (Member Profile)

Solvent Trap Kits, Tubes, Parts and Modular Designs

5 Things you Should Know When Getting a Mortgage

lucky760 (Member Profile)

eric3579 says...

Hey Lucky you around! I'll try again. Seems no sift messages are getting emailed or through to you in anyway. Sent you many messages and you have been @lucky760 many times, also quoted comment responses. Never a reply. This is actually for anyone who is trying to contact you as i highly doubt you will see this. This has been going on for about six months

Community's movie references, a side by side comparison.

eric3579 says...

Timestamps and films

0:00 28 Days Later
0:35 The Matrix
0:50 The Terminator
1:04 T2
1:09 Predator
1:12 Die Hard
1:25 Face Off
1:30 Predator
1:45 Die Hard
1:55 Rambo (not sure which one)
2:08 Die Hard
2:18 The Professional
2:35 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
3:22 Star Wars The Phantom Menace
3:28 Star Wars A New Hope
3:37 Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
3:43 Die Hard
3:44 Platoon
3:46 Invasion of the Body Snatchers
3:56 Aliens
4:10 Highlander
4:44 The Right Stuff
5:14 Minority Report
5:19 Disclosure
5:38 2001 A Space Odyssey
5:56 Blade Runner
6:15 Patton
6:29 A Few Good Men
6:43 The Breakfast Club
7:06 Rain Man
7:20 Ghost
7:42 An Officer and a Gentleman
7:55 My Dinner with Andre
8:14 Sixteen Candles
8:18 Lost in Translation
8:23 Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
8:35 Good Will Hunting
8:58 An American Tale
9:08 The Shinning
9:20 LOTR: The Two Towers
9:43 MTV- The Real World: Seattle
10:04 House Party
10:09 The Color of Money
10:14 Pulp Fiction
10:22 The Breakfast Club
10:26 Zardoz
10:29 Blazzing Saddles
10:32 MIB
10:34 Hook
10:36 The Beastmaster
10:41 Wallstreet
10:44 The Shawshank Redemption
10:51 The Fugitive
10:55 Pulp Fiction
11:10 The Ring
11:12 Vertigo
11:14 National Lampoon’s Vacation
11:35 Animal House
12:31 Good Will Hunting
12:44 Dead Poets Society

How Mushrooms Helped Bill Burr Figure Out His Issues

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Saved by my 13-year-old Son | Saving Lives At Sea

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