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Box of Lies (w/blotto Kate Hudson)

chicchorea (Member Profile)

chingalera says...


chicchorea said:

...seems like It thinks I was talking about It.

...oh, wait a minute, didn't you,...wasn't it you that...and aren't you on....

Then I must have been.

Mirror mirror in the bowl, who's the "Little...thing" in the swirl.

Down and down It goes, round and round It goes. In a spin,,,,

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap

chingalera says...

CEs' right-The illusion he described is the only tangible evidence that the shit you've heard at the last pep-rally has any meaning other than to enhance or lull you into a somnambulistic satisfaction of the slave-mentality of, 'rah-rah, American way.' This bergs' been sold on the block already and you have the privilege of witnessing the pangs of chaotic birth-spawn and participating in planet now. That you are satisfied with your plight is evidence of an effective, Satanic pogrom.

Most Famous Bass Player you didn't know.

BBC Anchor omits a Somewhat Crucial pause in his opener

Saddest Boy Ever Leaves Drill Instructor Speechless

Russell Brand to Jon Snow; "Listen you, Let me Talk"

Russell Brand to Jon Snow; "Listen you, Let me Talk"

chingalera says...

Oh and read your comment, wasn't my intention to derail the thread if anyone could ever blame me for doing so, couldn't agree with you more, Brand was spot-enough on here for the sheit-fest he got a check for in making his daily rounds, and Jon Snows' drinking all the good scotch and eating force-meat liver whilst ordering-out for whatever twisted form of pleasure he demands

bareboards2 said:

This comment stream shows that the interviewer succeeded in what he apparently set out to do -- derail the conversation into something other than what Russell Brand came to talk about.

Changing society's approach to drug laws and drug treatment.

It is a complete canard to say that Brand can't talk about using the existing system to change the drug situation because Brand doesn't like the current system. So what if he doesn't like it? He is going to stop trying to fix things?

So far, all the comments aren't about Brand's perspective on drug laws. They are off and running on a side issue.

And that is how the system doesn't change. False equivalencies, derailment from the topic, and nobody even notices.


Russell Brand to Jon Snow; "Listen you, Let me Talk"

chingalera says...

Well, I'm back to saying fuck Snow after looking at his lineage and extant career-If you'd like to peruse my past comments concerning Brand's comedy you'd find me on the first train out and away from that station-I dig his new-and-improved, toned-down 'fuck the system' stance, and Snow??.....

BBC 4, privileged and connected, dad was 'the' headmaster of his school...and if ya wanna read the wiki page, he fawned and fopped his way to where he is today, working for the piss-poor excuse for the queens-approved news-they keep him around as fucking pet, fuck his leading, dismissive remarks, his fucking outlandish set and psychedelic ties, and the stick up his ass full of Pâté and scotch you nor I could ever afford to drink daily...

He's a cunt.

Russell Brand to Jon Snow; "Listen you, Let me Talk"

chingalera says...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah blah blah. His social commentary works much better than his comedy schtick and this interviewer is a scripted, sell-out cunt. Listen to the fucking words being said, A-ten anis and the opinion not unlike the asshole common to all is but another rusty pore at the end of a shit-snake.

Finally, another interviewer who has attended the Piers Morgan institute of wanking cunts. He's a fucking tool with an agenda designed to keep slave-robots in their stupor. Period.

A10anis said:

Finally, an interviewer shows what an incredibly naive, vainglorious, empty headed moron Brand is.

NBC Censors Snowden's Critical 9/11 Comments from Interview

chingalera says...

The putties have it. There is no agenda. Only semantic prostitution disguised as intelligent argument. Intelligence fucking itself. Go back to sleep. Work hard at your jobs. Cast a vote in another election, discuss....repeat.


Dyslexic Cockney

NBC Censors Snowden's Critical 9/11 Comments from Interview

chingalera says...

I'd suggest this true as the result of an insidious editing process which is well-honed over to the National Broadcasting Company, sieg heil. Not 13 years has passed and there's a fucking 'memorial' on the site that charges a $24 admission over a mass grave selling souvenirs and serving hamburgers.

"It was them tuurrrisst that demolished those buildings with airplanes, that's why the country is' a police state now (and forever)."

I'm surprised Mac Donald's doesn't have a goddamn twin-towers fries to go with your Freedom burger and Shanksville (pop. 245, no one will know) shake at that one...Sick, twisted, shit.

Trancecoach said:

One point Snowden missed the opportunity of making (or just made too poorly for it to be noticeable) is the one about the paradox implicit in the "surveillance which aims to protect our freedom" *becomes* "surveillance that strips us of our freedom."

Muslims Interrogate Comedian

Edward Snowden NBC News Full Interview

chingalera says...

It's called 'programming' for a reason-You are (everyone here who speaks like they have a clue) and have been programmed and your opinions and world-view are a product of years of indoctroinformation disguised as truth, fact, etc.

Ralgha said:

Why can't modern journalists do a half decent job of coming up with good interview questions and asking them properly? This interview was remarkably amateurish and incoherent.

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