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After the recent IPCC climate report an old 'Newsroom' clip

TheFreak says...

Bob's not one of the high paid Russian sock puppets.

Putin uses his educated trolls for important work. Stirring shit by taking the wrong position on absolutely everything is part time, low wage work. Bob's like the McDonalds cashier of Russian disinformation.

luxintenebris said:

"This will my Tesla stock go to the moon."

Are you saying "This will [TAKE] my Tesla stock go to the moon.[!]"?

Geez. You say so little, so often - can't you at least say it correctly?

Do you need a Personal Loan? Here we can help you to get up

Street Hawk - Test Drive

Chris Hayes Explains COVID-19 Testing To Trump

TheFreak says...

Every time you think you've got a handle on Trump's stupidity you find out he's even dumber than you thought. It's like his IQ is actively dropping every day.

Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same

TheFreak says...

A crisis! What a great brand opportunity!

An example of how corporations are like sociopaths. If a person stood up and gave a speech taken from the text of these ads, you'd be wondering what the fuck's wrong with this person for making the whole thing about themself. You'd also be wondering why broadcast news is carrying it live every day.

ABC News: Purity Balls: Lifting the Veil on Special Ceremony

Old Spice Rick and Morty Commercial

TheFreak jokingly says...

Or if you're a true "Rick", who despises this world full of Morties and Jerries, you would use the product ironically as a dog whistle to all the other Ricks.

But I suppose you're not a "true" fan so you wouldn't get it.

Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville - SNL

TheFreak says...

Holy Fuck!! Google "Trump Bonwit Teller":

New York Times:
"Plain as the building might be, the entrance was like a spilled casket of gems: platinum, bronze, hammered aluminum, orange and yellow faience, and tinted glass backlighted at night. In 1929 American Architect magazine called it “a sparkling jewel in keeping with the character of the store.”

"Upon learning about the historic building’s imminent demolition, and recognizing the cultural value of its ornamentation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art convinced Trump to remove portions of the historic facade and donate them to the institution."

"Soon he was backpedaling, after realizing that it would take two more weeks and $32, properly take the reliefs off the building. Using his fake alter ago, a “Trump spokesperson” named John Baron, he told the New York Times in 1980: “The merit of these stones was not great enough to justify the efforts to save them.” His construction workers chopped up the metalwork with torches and let the sculptures fall to the ground to crack into smithereens."

Two, 15 foot high, irreplacable, Art Deco bas-relief sculptures smashed by Trump to save $32,000 in costs to remove them.

Scott Adlhoch - Homes for Sale At Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Scott Adlhoch - Homes for Sale At Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Australian Prime Minister Does Donald Trump Impression

Donald Trump's First 100 Days In Office - The Simpsons

TheFreak says...

A very devout Republican friend of mine said to me recently, "you'll be happy to know that I don't like the Republican president."

I told him, "I'd be happier if you had a Republican President right now that you did like."

Bill O'Reilly's '98 Novel Is Rich With Foreshadowing

Trump's Presidency Both Hilarious and Horrifying

TheFreak says...

Sounds like a best case scenario for a Trump presidency.

poolcleaner said:

You survived the end of the world with your beautiful wife, ready to repopulate the glorious Earth! *club to the head. found footage of your corpse being eaten by mutants with a zombie desire for flesh but still believing they're human as they innocently mate with your wife and create a new branch of subhumans with two heads and tentacles. your corpse breeds a new type of bacteria from a pre-apocalypse strain that mutates and will one day rejoin with the offspring of your wife's mutant spawn, becoming the future mitochondria of a race of planet conquering horrors*

SNL - Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open

TheFreak says...

I believe they got it backwards. The point of the "Thank You Tour" was for Trump to give all his supporters the opportunity to thank him for becoming president.

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