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VICE Parody 'DRONEZ' w/ Jack Black,Bill Hader & Fred Armisen

Very Scary Fire at Taiwan Waterpark

True Detective Season 2 - Full Trailer

Community Season 6: Age of Yahoo Official Trailer

How they censor Womens Sport Events on Iranian TV

SevenFingers says...

This totally reminds me of this one short story they showed us in school a long time ago, where everyone had to be equal, the beautiful had masks, while the smart had implants to scramble their thoughts. Can't remember the name.

Con Man Teaser (Comedy from Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Season 2 Promo (HBO)

Key & Peele: Meegan, Come Back

Key & Peele: Liam Neesons & Bruce Willy

"Harrison Ford Angrily Points At Stuff" Supercut

Tywin Lannister & Grand Maester Pycelle (GoT Deleted Scene)

35 Facts About Mr. Fred Rogers

SevenFingers says...

That's probably as true as you can get. I remember the show when I was younger, and to be honest I was kind of retarded when I was little so I didn't get much out of it. But I'm sure kids who were actually intelligent at that age could very well understand that he was about love, peace, kindness and honesty.

EMPIRE said:

As a non-american, I never had the pleasure of watching his show as a kid (or as an adult to be honest), but everything I read or watch about him, just makes me feel real nice he once existed.
He seemed to be what you would expect a saint to be (minus the miracles of course). And this coming from an atheist.

Instagram Bros Pose as Hoes Photos

Instagram Bros Pose as Hoes Photos

Pierce Brosnan Salutes Sean Connery

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