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With the growth of the Internet, TV is a medium whose days are numbered. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some of the great moments from the 1st Tube -- both past and present -- here on VideoSift.

This is a collection of TV tribute videos that highlight the incredible creativity and spirit that has gone into entertaining the world, one living room at a time.

Anyone watching FX's 'Married'?

I feel the need to get the word out as I love it - and no one is talking about it - and I don't want it to be cancelled.

The series is about marriage, 'duh - and how a few 30-something couples are coping with parenthood, divorce, sex etc.

It's darkly funny for an American comedy and kind of dirty. Best comedy series I've seen in a while, big thumbs up.

Can you help me find this video?

I must be an idiot, but I cannot find this video that was up a few days ago - it had a guy who was hosting an animal show of some kind and the animals were completely out of control - a turtle biting a dog's tongue (twice), monkey running around, etc.

Can someone please direct me to this video if you recall it?


Simpsons' Springfield - not necessarily in Oregon


Sorry Oregon, you won't be able to claim Homer, Bart and the rest of The Simpsons clan as your own. The Simpsons creator Matt Groening confirms exclusively to TV Guide Magazine that his recent statements were misinterpreted — he did not reveal that his long-running animated Fox comedy was set in Oregon.

"I never said Springfield was in Oregon," Groening says. "I said Springfield was the name of my sled...."

Issues with Comedy Central Embeds

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has been having difficulty submitting embeds from The Daily Show or Colbert Report lately. For me I've been seeing one of two possible outcomes every time.

1. Embed code is invalid
2. The Embed code points to "Aliens Movie - Combat Drop Scene" as seen in this screenshot.

Just me?


Great TV: "The Chicago Code" on Monday Nights

Chicago code is awesome. Even more awesome than "Castle" which is pretty awesome.
Chicago code is a cop drama, its smart and has strong acting. Nuff said.

Also. I recommend reading On basilisk station by david weber. It's an excellent book and I'm just finished reading the latest in the series. AWESOME!

last. New season of "Sanctuary" on Syfy SUX. Characters are dumb, Acting is non existant, even though i luv amanda tapping.

Ok, you can troll me back now. Cheers!

What are you Watching?

A lot of you know that I haven't had a TV for over 10 years (not preaching) - but that I love TV shows. At the risk of placing myself in legal peril - I'm going to admit that I download a lot of TV. But not watching an actual TV narrows the fields of shows that I'm aware of. I don't see the promos for what's on next. I rely on word of mouth and recommendations from friends. In my view, that's the way it should be. So what are you watching now? Here are my favourite shows. I'm looking for recommendations of more in this vein.

1. Madmen - Increasingly I'm watching this for the gorgeous retro sets. I love seeing vintage wooden HiFi consoles and classy black leather couches. I'm starting to lose interest a little bit now that Don has split with Betty and his desertion past is out in the open. Floating through major historical events in the 60s is still a blast. (Beatles at Candlestick Park)

2. Breaking Bad - Dark, dark comedy drama. The acting and character development is very strong in the show. Watching the slow, inexorable decline of Walter White - from chemistry teacher to drug kingpin has been fascinating and entertaining.

3. Peep Show More dark comedy; surprise, surprise. You get the feeling that Mitchell and Webb are almost playing themselves in this show - or at least a version of themselves, if they hadn't become the famous comedy duo that they are. I love the story arc and returning characters. So believable, so English - so awkward.

4. Glee - Preachy? Corny? Overproduced schmaltz? I don't care - I absolutely love this show. Again the acting, characters and story arc shine. These kids have heart - and it comes through in the performances. And although they do like to tackle typical "after school special" issues - the moral message is often fairly pragmatic. (Teen drinking is going to happen, do it responsibly or you might vomit in public).

Charlie Sheen fired from "Two and a Half Men"

"After careful consideration, Warner Bros Television has terminated Charlie Sheen's services on 'Two and a Half Men' effective immediately," Warner Bros said in a statement."

Inevitable really. I wonder how he'll take the news. I'm sure we'll find out in a rant to the media soon enough.

Robot Chicken

Ok it's killing me. How wizard would everyone rate the new Robot Chicken: Star Wars 3 Episode?

I will in fact give it a wizard. I also enjoyed the mic cutoff and "The Force Unleashed II™" commercial as well. Then coming back.

Also, all of the show anywhere around that point was also wizard. If someone with the powers can throw a poll up--that would be totally wizard.

/I'm taking it back too!

The Return Of Conan

You know we've all been waiting for it! Well, most of us... And since it's happening real time and there's no video to post (yet) let's talk about it!

1. He needs to lose the beard. He's a handsome man, despite his funky hair, but the beard somehow makes the lower half of his face seem even smaller.
2. I loved the opening sequence. So many good references to movies and recent/not so recent pop culture.
3. Opening monologue - sweet! Just the right amount of NBC bashing without seeming bitter. Stay classy Conan.
4. The return of masturbating bear (spoiler alert) - just different enough to not get sued, just gratuitous enough to rock.
5. The name of the show - perfect.

I hope they do "year 2000"...

The Walking Dead

So. For what it's worth, I thought the first episode was very promising. I love the fact that they stuck to the story but embellished it instead of chopping it up. And AMC did a really good job keeping it a zombie flick with gore and all. I can't wait to see the rest. That's my two cents. I'd love to hear some of your impressions.

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