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surfingyt (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Aaaaahahaha!!!!!! You have got to be fucking kidding me!!!! ROTFLMFAHS!!!!!

Yeah....just walked off....directly into Leavenworth!!! Who is so dumb that they think a soldier can just walk away if they aren't happy!?

@Anom212325 you ignorant troll. Posting some internet stupidity that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic, or reality, that anyone with two brain cells functioning could tell is plain nonsense. You really must be a world class moron and just a young ignorant kid to believe that stupidity.

surfingyt said:

some dipshit pretending to be in the know says some F-22 pilots "walked off the job" because of the vaccine mandate ordered by DoD looooooool

surfingyt (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

I really didn't bother clicking it, what does the link claim?

Yep...who would have guessed that when you abandon reason, logic, fact, truth, and civility you end up being wrong most of the time!?

surfingyt said:

2 things... #1 if this were true this would make him AWOL and he'd end up in a brig (aka military prison) then eventually dishonorably discharged. #2 its not true. already been thoroughly debunked.

Take another L trumptards hahahaha
yall some of the stupidest gullible morons out there

Anom212325 (Member Profile)

Anom212325 (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

It's not a human until birth, so murder is impossible.
Just because you don't like it doesn't make it untrue.

Abortion isn't murder, and is still legal in Texas, just with restrictions that make it impossible to do it legally in most cases.


Anom212325 said:

"So you agree that women wanting to leave TX to receive this, should be allowed? Right? Easy is the word." yes, but don't expect to return because you committed murder and that's a crime in Texas.

"You'd be against the idea that anyone could be fined or arrested for transporting the women. Right? Easy enough." Helping to commit murder is a crime.

"So if it wasn't easy for a poor person to travel - your okay w/groups or even businesses helping those who don't like it to get them out of TX? Right? Letting them get the procedure and returning them after. Paying for their travel is an easy solution to the problem - right? " Again, all of those examples are accomplices in committing murder.

"And if it became the norm, are your okay with independent services or organized groups - like an over-the-ground railroad - helping women to get out of states that make it impossible to get a legalized abortion into states that have more realistic laws? If it's done in another state, doesn't break TX's law (or any other state's) - then no crime. Right? No trouble for her or from the state of TX (or any other state entity). Easy peezy." Again, all of those examples are accomplices in committing murder.

"So you are easily in agreement w/the ease of these solutions. Right?" Yes, commit murder and expect the full extent of the law in Texas.

"They don't like it. They can take it to another state. " Yes, just don't return because you committed murder.

"As easy as that?" yes as easy as that. Murder is a crime. Can't be simpler.

Anom212325 (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Um, no. Leaving if you're unhappy you lost a political fight or election is absolutely not how democracies work. If it was, why aren't Republicans all moving right now?

No, they didn't. Being Christian doesn't equate to wanting to outlaw abortion. Most Americans are Christian, and a vast majority say they want abortion to be legal when asked. You're logic fails to recognize that some Christians don't believe in forcing their beliefs on others, and many only kind of believe, only when it's convenient, and limiting their options could feasibly hurt them.

No contraception is perfect, lack of sex ed in Texas means many don't even know how pregnancy works before being sexually active. Also I haven't heard of exceptions for rape or incest. These people have no option to use contraception, which fails far too often.
Also, I believe no person should be forced to be an unwilling biological life support system for another, certainly not for just a potential human, absolutely not children under any circumstances.

No, Shit Sherlock, it is not how it works in most of the world, certainly not in the developed world, are you under the impression that abortions only happen in America? Do you think people will accept sex only to procreate?
Access to multiple methods of terminating unwanted pregnancy are how it works across the world, because abstinence is insanely unrealistic and there's no even near perfect birth control without terminations when the main methods fail, which happens between .1% for the implant (the best, but with restrictions, and side effects and problems with having it implanted for 3 years) and >27% for the contraceptive sponge in women who've had a child ...typical methods like the pill fails 7%, condoms 13%, diaphragms 17%, many others in the >20% range. None of those numbers are acceptable when you're talking about an unwanted child without a secondary method with a 100% success rate.

If women around the world didn't rely on secondary methods when primary ones fail, which they often do, they would only have sex for procreation and everyone would be exponentially more frustrated and angry. Not a reasonable or feasible solution.

Anom212325 said:

"That goes for Biden and America too, right?" Yes, that's how democracies work...

"It was not a referendum. The people didn't ask for and don't want this" Last time I checked the vast majority of Texas are Christian so yeah they did.

"millions of women will have their autonomy, their authority over their own bodies, stripped from them" Are you saying they are incapable of using contraceptives, you know, the normal way to prevent having a child and not taking a life as a means to "fix" the problem like they were doing.

"If they don't want a baby right now, women would be insane to have even protected intercourse." NO SHIT SHERLOCK. That's how it works across the world.

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First Revolving Toilet for Port of Amsterdam

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newtboy says...

Thanks. I’m shocked they’re making another one. I think they’re about to find out they don’t heal at 50 like they did at 25.

lucky760 said:

I'm sorry, but I am pretty excited about this.


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Dschubba (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

No sign should be needed, just a reading of the constitution that makes discrimination based on sex or sexuality a crime, a violation of civil rights. Parents can move on to another country that allows discrimination if that bothers them, I hear Russia fits that bill.

What seems reasonable if they choose to accommodate puritans might be a policy where no one is allowed to be naked in public areas including locker rooms, and add individual dressing rooms....but that's a big expense and should be up to the business, not one patron IMO.

Dschubba said:

It is not an unreasonable question for parents to ask themselves.

Businesses just simply need to publicly place signage they are trans, and/or coed friendly and parents can move on if that bothers them

chicchorea (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Contact @lucky760 or @dag.
It was not an appropriate hobble imo....You were doing long overdue maintenance, not harming the sift through abuse of your star powers. I see how it was inconvenient to have so many invocations in a row clutter the comments, but not malicious.
It's worse since the admins seem to be MIA, and only they can unhobble.

Good luck.

chicchorea (Member Profile)

newtboy jokingly says...

Come on guys.....
@BSR, @chicchorea

BSR said:

Fortunately, I don't lack respect for fellow sifters and their comments and conversations.

Had I been someone new to VS and wanted to check out the comment section I would have disregarded joining the site simply because of the appearance of an attention whore poster.

I did try to get your attention as a friend to ask you to maybe limit how many "dead" posts you make at once so as to not push recent comments and conversations into oblivion.

When you didn't respond I assumed you were not interested and just continued on.

This isn't so much about the rules as it is about respecting fellow sifters.

I hope you and I can stand on common ground.

CC: @dag

CC: @lucky760

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