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dag says...

As en loco parentis for the Kids channel I will tell you that this channel is both about kids and FOR kids - videos that would be of interest to kids. The videos you were assigning to *kids were not appropriate for that channel - and it’s not the place to make a political point. Siftler out.

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Semi Truck Stops Amazingly Fast In An Emergency

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dag says...

Hey just a quick update. I've been working on your song - turns out there are heaps of things that rhyme with Oritteropo! We're just waiting on your new badge. He must be designing a masterpiece!

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dag says...

Wow, congrats on the galaxy! Song and badge are coming - it may take a couple of weeks because I need to figure out words that rhyme with oritteropo. ;-)

This is what Rush Hour looks like in Copenhagen

Hans Rosling schools a TV journalist on how to do his job.

dag says...

I have read that we're living in the most peaceful time ever and the chances of dying in a war have never been this low. Hard to reconcile this with general sentiment.

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dag says...

Thank you and to you too. I do remember it but sadly we don't celibrate it much these days. It's too hot for turkey.

chicchorea said:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I know you remember Thanksgiving.

Thank you by the way.

Take On Me by A-Ha Meets Metal

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