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MrFisk says...

Much obliged!

lucky760 said:

Genius. It could only be better if you could then roll up that thing and flush it when you're done.

Not just good marketing. A very useful product that I would love to be able to purchase.


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MrFisk says...

Hey, Ben -

First off, I'd like to express how much delight the high maintenance videos have provided to me and my friends. Not only are they immensely entertaining on multiple levels, but I've found them to be inspirational in my pursuits of storytelling and videography. For that, I cannot thank all of you enough.
That said, it was with much pain and reluctance I decided to *kill your videos on this site per your request. I wrestled with ideas to try to persuade you otherwise, but ultimately I failed to discover an argument that outweighs the artistic mission of your crew.
On the plus side, I'm especially grateful to have made your acquaintance and I will definitely hit you up next time I'm in NY (I'm exploring a few internships there after graduation next year). Also, you have a host in Nebraska whenever any of you pass through.
Thanks for reaching out, and I'm stoked to see the next cycles.

Warren Hale

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