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oritteropo says...

She addresses this in a follow-up video (still doesn't have the real experiment, but does have Neil deGrasse Tyson):

vil said:

Was hoping for an actual experiment.

You cannot both "detect" a photon/electron before it "enters a slit" and have it go through and "detect" it again at the back. That part is (probably) hogwash.

Detection at this scale really means fatal crash or at least deflection.

From what has been observed it would appear that in such an experiment an individual electron takes all the possible paths through both slits and the "waves" that "interfere" are waves of probability of the particle passing through detection points.

While it might as well be magic, really, QED does have observable rules, and this video might make it appear as though one could change the outcome by blinking an eye, which is not the case.

To make any headway stop thinking about tiny marbles. Think about tiny cartoon characters moving so fast they are smudged to invisibility whirring their tiny appendages around - you can only tell which particle and where it is if you swat it or it hits a wall and stops moving. There is no "detect but keep going as if nothing happened".

eric3579 says...

That is how you fix it if you are using the old sift format. In the new sift you scroll over your name in the top header and a drop down menu with an "edit this video" button, will appear.

bareboards2 said:

If you want to fix it, look for the words "edit this video" underneath the video, bottom left.

bareboards2 says...

Ah! Excuse me for being vague.

Girl is a young person. Age 17 or less.

A woman is a world class athlete.

If you want to fix it, look for the words "edit this video" underneath the video, bottom left.

Click on that and you can fix your description. If you want to.

vil said:

Please excuse my English, how? Is it just the apostrophe? Apostrophes on a Czech keyboard are a pain. Also, I humbly admit, I have no idea how to edit that text now :-(

And she definitely let the other girl go, also I am not aware of any tradition of this happening regularly in biathlon or cross-country skiing when sticks break or are lost due to contact.

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