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siftbot says...

shrimpfork has been InstaBanned by kronosposeidon for gross violations of Sift guidelines. This account will now be disabled.

kronosposeidon says...

Goodbye choggie

In reply to this comment by shrimpfork:
@ LizLizscot, Hey now, no need to blame god exclusively or even the bogus interpretation(s) offered up from the best and worst of devotees of all sects, creeds, religious atheists, etc.
Perhaps it's the modern Persian male and the generations of deficit imprinting?
(in most personal experiences with the same, the stereotype seems to have served adequately)
-Cultures the world over have all risen respectively to their incompetence in demonstrating a healthy social evolution. What can one say ma'am, the world is a pretty sick place thanks to most humans.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. "
-Jiddu Krishnamurti

In reply to this comment by shrimpfork:
Why hasn't anyone mentioned the possibility that while her cover as a correspondent (guess so) may be without holes, CBS might be using a universally incendiary act allegedly perpetrated by some revolutionary yahoos to produce some new and improved hype in order to rally nation(s) of robots to fall deeper into their somnambulant stupor regarding the mechanisms and intent of world affairs?

Who cares if she's the best-looking teleprompter-reading propagandist on the telly? Hmmm?

In reply to this comment by shrimpfork:
I concur by voting for this video though this fellow regularly abuses his internet status of alternative news source with the kind of lazy-minded titillation reserved for tabloids and entertainment news segments.
Wall Street should be burned to the ground in effigy for future generations.

bareboards2 says...

GREAT comment!

Now come back and upvote my video, if you would like to only, of course!

Welcome to the Sift! New Blood!

In reply to this comment by shrimpfork:
A google is equal to one followed by a hundred code monkeys working for the NSA. Expressed as:
1.0 × 10100 black helicopters/federalized local law enforcement*government employees⊕27y3

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