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BSR says...

I haven't risen to the level of commoner.

newtboy said:

? Really!? I grew up in Texas, everyone there knows what a quinceanera is, just a sweet 15 (a Mexican sweet 16).
I honestly thought that was common knowledge.

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Mordhaus says...

It was theater, they never had enough votes. At least it's over and they can focus on covid.

newtboy said:

And there we are. The most bipartisan vote to convict a president by a factor of 7 proves insufficient.
I think this guarantees there will be a next time in the near future.
At least there’s a congressional record now of what happened.

surfingyt says...

I am thoroughly enjoying watching the Republican party implode.

In some of those states, Republicans barely lost and now the margins are even bigger. Bob is crushing his own party with crazy after crazy thought and its delicious. Their tears are so yummy.

newtboy said:

So...what aboutism is all you’ve got?...and you use examples of things your people did? You’ve lost your tiny little mind.

I, for one, was right here calling out the Boogaloo boys, militias, and proud boys for arsons, shootings, and bombings they committed in the name of BLM. Caught and admitted by dozens of y’all.

Stop the lies, bob. Not a single person identified is ANTIFA, they are all Trumptards like you, willing to make up any bullshit excuses to avoid responsibility for their terroristic riot and failed coup. So stupid, bold faced liar. You have no evidence, no proof, only lies and deflection, and a stupid lie that makes your ilk so stupid and weak they will follow their sworn enemies, hipster twig boys, into treasonous terrorism at the first opportunity.

Yes, planned by Trump. “Come Jan 6. It’s going to be wild.” “Gotta stop the steal. Cannot allow them to certify Biden or you’ll lose your country.” And in other speeches leading up to the Trump Coup attempt, “BLM and ANTIFA will come to your town, rape your women, and burn your homes. You’ve got to stop them. We won and they stole it from you.”

The pre-riot was planned to end minutes after the certification started to ensure the senate and VP would be there when the attack started....20 minutes walking distance or less away with instructions to walk there and stop them. Stop them or you’ve lost your country. That’s exactly what they did, in the only way possible.

The fact is Trump was planning this in October when he repeated “the only way I can lose is if they cheat and steal the election”. He never stopped telling his morons they were cheated and their country is lost if they don’t use extreme methods to overturn a certified election, and on the 6th told them if they don’t stop the certification, it’s over, they lose the country and freedom and become slaves to BLM and ANTIFA. The only possible way to stop it was by force, months too late to stop it by voting, which many of those fucktards didn’t do anyway because Trump convinced them it was rigged so why bother.

Impeachment will fail because Republicans put party and one person above the country, constitution, democracy, truth, and reason, not because Trump didn’t incite a riot, not because he didn’t ignore his duty to stop the riot he instigated.

Trump has divided more Americans than any group or person in history, getting your ilk to turn on the media in favor of pure baseless propaganda is only one part of Trump’s plan to divide America....his most successful plan.

When will you learn that the liar who tried a violent coup is not a patriot anymore than the magamorons who attacked the country on the 6th at his direction and with his blessing?

Can you explain why it took him >4 hours to tell his followers to stop the attack and leave...but not until he knew the targets had been evacuated? Can you explain why, as he watched his mob hunting elected officials on live TV, he tweeted that Pence was a traitor? Can you explain why, if they weren’t there at his direction, they all said they were? Can you explain why, if they weren’t following his directions, they did leave immediately when he told them to? Can you explain why, as he watched the capitol and police overrun and violently attacked for hours, he never called the national guard or other backup in? (That alone is a gross dereliction of duty even if you convince yourself he has no culpability for creating the vote fraud lie, ramping it up for months enraging his base, and holding a stop the steal rally on the day of certification minutes away from congress ending by sending the seething armed group there with his promise to March with them to stop the certification....that alone is a violation of his oath of office, that alone is impeachable.)


siftbot says...

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Mordhaus says...

Let's say they actually get the votes, I still think it's a waste of time. They bar him from being elected again, but nothing can stop him from naming an 'heir'.

If you think about it, that is even worse than him running again. If he runs, he will still unite every liberal leaning person and most fence sitters against him. If he designates a person for his supporters to align behind, they will get the almost half of voters that voted for him AND a lot of the middle who might be sick of Biden/Dems by 2024.

A victory here is, at best, a moral one. It won't stop a future President of Trump's nature from trying the same thing because that is the way a person like him acts. It does nothing but provide a feel good moment while wasting more of my tax money.

newtboy said:

But that’s the thing....they don’t have to prove his thoughts, nor his intent, only the results....because this isn’t a criminal trial and there are very different standards, they only have to show he didn’t preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, violating his oath and duty, because the only possible sentence is for him to be bared from office. His lack of action during the attack alone far exceeded that bar.

It’s becoming more likely (but still unlikely) they could get the votes because he’s barely putting up a defense. To me it seemed like a mockery of the senate, like they were just proving the point that his defense could be someone standing at the podium shouting “Bababoui, Bababoui, Howard Stern’s penis!” and still he would not be convicted...and I think that’s pissing off some Republican senators....but there are also many who are reading books and unrelated documents among other distractions and clearly not paying attention at all, proving the defense correct, they could say anything and still get him off without presenting any defense. A sad state.
On the contrary, the prosecution’s case is straight forward with video evidence and records of what Trump tweeted and did (or didn’t do like not calling in the national guard) during the attack on top of the horrific personal experiences of the same senators hearing the case....hard to forget a lynch mob looking for you and your family to hang less than a month ago.

Remember, there is no possible prison term here, no fine, nothing but baring him from office, that’s it. There should be a criminal trial for treason IMO, but it wouldn’t be a slam dunk. I think the standard isn’t what he meant, it’s what a reasonable person would think he meant. That’s not prosecuting thought crime, it’s prosecuting speech and actions that it’s plainly foreseeable will incite real crimes.

I barely remember the inauguration riots, the million pussy hat march made more news....Trump’s “biggest crowd ever” nonsense got more airtime, and damages and injuries were fairly minimal so, especially when faced with the fresh scars from 2020, they’re easy to forget. That said, I don’t 2022 new scandals and a desire to forget will erase this from many people’s memories.

Mordhaus says...

I haven't watched the hearings. To me it's still a case of bread and circuses. They can't convict, so all of this is just an attempt to burn these images into a voting publics mind that forgets events longer than 6 months ago. This won't even be remembered by the average person by the next votes in 2022. Just like most people don't recall the riots that were sort of incited by liberals in 2017 prior to and during the inauguration. Admittedly, they didn't storm congress, but they did break into buildings, burn cars, and injure people.

Did Trump probably intend for violence? Probably, but proving his thoughts are going to take a lot more than words he used. Thankfully we haven't started putting people away for thoughtcrimes yet or I would be fucked.

newtboy said:

Watching the opening statements today, it seems there are far more than one example of former officials being tried for impeachment after leaving office, including one tried by the founding fathers themselves with unanimous consent, solidifying the notion that their intent was to allow trying former officials constitutionally even though they could not remove them since they were already out of office, but they could bar them from holding any office in the future.
When the people who wrote the constitution interpret it that way, I think that’s game over. No one knows their intent better than they did, and their actions of trying a senator, one who had already been removed from office, in an impeachment trial is unambiguous, more so when you read what they wrote about it.

We shall see if today’s senate cares more about constitutional obligations or blind loyalty to an individual. It’s a forgone conclusion that they won’t convict out of blind loyalty, but exposing the criminality they’re going to excuse still serves a purpose.

Edit: one purpose it serves is setting precedent....if this president can attempt to stop the peaceful (or not peaceful) transfer of power to the president elect by instructing a rabid armed violence prone crowd to “stop the steal” “you can’t let them certify Biden or your country is lost” “fight hard” “I’ll be there with you” without a single repercussion, so can the next one....and now the perpetrators know many of the weak points thanks to this disorganized coup attempt. Republicans should be terrified of that, enough to send a message by convicting. If they don’t, they invite every president that loses an election to attempt a January coup, precedent will protect them, so they would be obligated to try.

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