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newtboy says...

Right? A bit too close to accomplice for my taste.

I think the same way about slim Jims. Only tow truck drivers and cops have a legitimate use for that tool, and I’m pretty certain people have been charged for having them (possibly in conjunction with getting caught in the act of breaking into cars though).

I’m pretty sure a tool specifically designed for breaking locks open and useless for anything else would satisfy the “intent” portion. A good prosecutor could successfully argue that point. A screwdriver might be carried for any number of uses, this is only for opening locked stores (the only places with those kinds of locks that I can think of). It’s certainly enough for arrest if not conviction.

eric3579 said:

He's not selling "burglary tools" anymore than Home Depot is, but i know what you're saying. It sure doesn't feel right for him to sell what he does.

By California law it's no more a burglary tool then a screwdriver is. Intent to break in must be proven for the tool to be deemed illegal to be in possession of. California Penal Code 466

newtboy says...

My bees are loving the heat. We hit 90 yesterday and they were going nuts!

eric3579 said:

Thought this shit was really interesting. I will shove it down your throat with another *promote

newtboy says...

I wanted to see more people playing fetch, taking it for a run, Spot running and jumping at the beach, etc, but it was still great to see what it's really good for too.

eric3579 said:

*promote the robot possibilities

lucky760 says...

Thanks so much for attempting to let me know.

If it isn't too much trouble, please do feel free to shoot me an email when you're unable to reach me via @ pings in comments.

Very sorry and disappointed messages haven't been working!


lucky760 says...


I had no idea, but it seems like system-generated notification type emails haven't been working for idk-how-long

eric3579 said:

Hey Lucky you around! I'll try again. Seems no sift messages are getting emailed or through to you in anyway. Sent you many messages and you have been @lucky760 many times, also quoted comment responses. Never a reply. This is actually for anyone who is trying to contact you as i highly doubt you will see this. This has been going on for about six months

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