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13781 says...

Ahahaha that's what I was thinking... Transfer there and infiltrate the place.

In reply to this comment by NickyP:
The amount of lies in their rhetoric is disturbing. They also rubbish their own ideas. At 24 mins, one student claims that the validity of his religion being the only one to follow, over all others is, that it is "one of the oldest". Not the oldest but one of them. I would hate to engage in an argument with one so clear and concise .
I might try for a transfer to that place. Looks nice. Lots of nice innocence to corrupt

siftbot says...

Congratulations on reaching new heights on VideoSift. You have earned yourself 105 stars, earning you status of Gold-100 Star member. You have been awarded 1 Power Point for achieving this level. Thanks for all your contributions.

raven says...


Your presence is requested at the biggest Horror Show of the year! The FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT! An all out non-stop freakshow party starring YOU and the viddies YOU SIFT to the HorrorShow!

Beginning this Friday, the 13th, and also the night of the New Moon, and running all the way until the Full Moon on the 30th, I encourage you, nay! I implore you, to post as many murderers, monsters, and miscreants that you can find, directly to the HorrorShow!

The spook who contributes the most sifts will be richly rewarded with 2 *saves and 2 *promotes from me!

For further details, hair-raising thrills, and ghastly screams, please stop on over to the All Night Horror Show!

eric3579 says...

As you may know Ive created a playlist of many of the dead videos on the sift. As its been there for awhile, and there have been quite a few views of it, very few vids have been fixed or discarded. I thought a list just of yours might be of some help. The list below are all your videos on my playlist. There may be a few errors, but I gave it my best shot.

Fluo says...

In reply to your comment:
If god created the eye, then why did he/she/it put a blood vessel in front of the retina. Bit of a design flaw maybe? If god's design is perfect then why do humans suffer from back pain? Maybe an evolutionary mishap, or punishment for the original sin we are all born with.

Seriously though. If you do not know how the eye works, how can you claim you know something made it. This guy is an actor, not a biologist

Ontop of that the Adam's apple

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