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newtboy jokingly says...

When you burn the entire candle at once it burns bright, but not long.

StukaFox said:

Ok, who DIDN'T think I was gonna upvote this?

Also, foxes are astoundingly high-energy mammals. Sadly they pay for it with short lifespans.

newtboy says...

I just got one from GameFly with no scalper markup! You had to be a member for over 30 days to get the offer. They’re starting to be available in spurts. Keep looking.

StukaFox said:

I'd rather see this fist-fight this guy got into with a scalper to secure a PS5. I'm ready to throw down just to get a RTX 3080.

newtboy jokingly says...

Unless you can be Batman, then you should always be Batman.

StukaFox said:

I'd just like to point out for the record that Steam has 10 games where a fox is the protagonist and only one where it's a cat. This means foxes are 10x better than cats. Cats are 10x better than people, leading to the inescapable conclusion that foxes are 100x better than people. Using advanced AI modeling, the universal constant of people being 100x better than Republicans equates to foxes being 100x . . . uh . . . hmmm . . . lotsa numbers there. Ok, to keep things simple, let's just say foxes are a million times better than everything else in the universe.

In short, if you want to be a better person -- or better anything -- be a fox.

But fuck off because we're closed.

siftbot says...

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BSR says...

Paragraphs. Pahleeze! One hand grenade will wipe out the whole block!

StukaFox said:

I'm pretty sure the dude's just having a good time because he's at a concert and he's all young and shit. He's probably high, too. Look at that glorious blue sky! Who wouldn't be joyous on such a perfect day when they're all young and high and shit? Dude, I'm old, it's dark and I'm not even at a concert (full disclosure: I am listening to Lord Huron's new album and it's fucking amazing. There's some stuff that's not up to their other work, and a weird 14-minute filler piece at the end, but Drops In The Lake might become the most beloved Lord Huron song ever) and I'm totally joyous right now. I'm also stoned out of my mind, so take that as a plus, a minus or a none-of-the-above. Look, all I'm saying is there's a cute video video of a sheep standing down a Border Collie. Props to the sheep for having the kinda balls it doesn't have anymore, but fucking with a Border Collie is asking for that dog to fuck up your tax return later. So yeah, y'know, cute dog and cute sheep and some Welshman who knows he's getting some pussy tonight and if that dog screws this up, it ain't gonna be the sheep getting fucked. That's life in Wales, man. Those dudes will fuck anything. I mean, if I was stuck in Wales with nothing else to do, I'd be looked at our four-legged friends in a far more than friendly way, too. Also, they don't have vowel mines there so they're stuck spelling words with all contestants and chunks of coal for punctuation. NO idea how that little linguistic hiccup got passed the Proto-Germanic language tree, but people in Quebec speak a language that's completely similar to French, only without the word order, the grammar and any words that are actually in French. The French hate that shit because they're French and no one in Europe is being all shirty these day. Except that dude in Belarus who apparently doens't know what an utter fucking legend the guy who runs Ryanair is. Fucking hell this shit's good. Anyway, the whole point of this was that a dog, a sheep and a Welshman walk into a bar and the bartender asks the man what he wants. And the Welshman tells, in exceedingly graphic detail, what he wants while the sheep and the collie listen in horror, straining against their leads and praying Pop-Up Darwin will suddenly appear and gift them opposable thumbs, a cellphone, and a SIM card that actually works in fucking Wales, because those vowel-less cocksuckers have a totally different cell system than the rest of the UK. Shit, you try to make a call to anywhere in Gwfjhsrmflsslll, the first thing you notice is that numbers have apparently joined the vowels in being MIA, and you're trying to explain that you just want to make a call to London and the operator is speaking some language that'd scare the shit outta C'htulu and finally you just give up and hop back on the Ryanair flight to JFK while scanning constantly for Mig-29s.

Anyway, be happy.

newtboy says...

Thank sweet zombie Jebus you were wrong on all counts with your predictions.

I'm usually the biggest cynic in the room, so I couldn't exactly deny your theory, but I am incredibly glad civil adults did get the reigns of the country back, and that America did end up deciding black lives do matter, at least a little bit when our noses are rubbed in our murderous racism.

How's the visa fight going? Does getting vaccinated make a difference? Good luck over there....I've never had any desire to visit France, but I'm a weirdo. My perfect vacation is a secluded house on a secluded warm beach in the middle of nowhere and seeing only family all week....I'm not into culture or large groups of people. Give me unspoiled unpopulated nature instead please. Last January we did exactly that outside Mahajual, S Mexico. It was heaven for me except when we went to town.

StukaFox said:

Sorry Newt, but this'll just be added to the pile of "who cares?"

This is the country that watches its children get machine-gunned in their schools and just shrugs. This is the country that poisoned its own population with opioids and just shrugged. This is the country that allowed corporations to take over the entire power structure of the nation and just shrugged. No one cares. No. One. Cares.

You cannot overcome the wall of indifference and entitlement no matter how many impassioned pleas or elegant speeches you make.

Your heart's in the right place, but this is Bob Knight's country now and you will never get it back. And the people who're like Bob Knight? Yeah, they really don't give a shit about dead niggers.

As soon as I get my work visa for France finalized, I am out of here.

siftbot says...

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Mordhaus says...

Yeah it is worth it. Hope you feel better soon.

StukaFox said:

I'm right there with you. Get my second dose of Pfizer yesterday and I feel like death warmed over today. However, if this is all I have to deal with to get the immunity working, I'll be happy.

bobknight33 says...

Not sure what you point is.

Media is mess largely because of GE buying NBC. Before this news was a public service paid for from other program profits. News was not a money maker. When GE bought NBC GE argued that news should also a money making show.
News slowly morphed into the mess we have today.

And to you comments. FOX is 1 right leaning VS 6+ all late night + all Hollywood left pushing media. So who did this hurt most?

StukaFox said:

Not only did he abolish it, but it was one of the highest priorities of the GOP once Reagan came in. Haynes Johnson writes extensively about this in his frighteningly-prescient book 'Sleepwalking Through History'. The GOP was already following the lead of Roger Ailes (later of Fox News) after he polished the turd named Nixon and the GOP understood if they controlled the narrative, they could stay in power. Newt Gingrich, and the shitshow that followed, was the natural extension of Ailes's methodology. Abolishing the Fairness Doctrine will be studied for centuries as one of the single greatest acts of self-destruction in world history.

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