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Are you, or will you be, a parent?

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  (9 votes)
  (9 votes)
  (19 votes)
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A total of 55 votes have been cast on this poll.

All the talk about rape, pregnancy and birth control lately made me wonder.

Feel free to share your story below.

edit: For the purposes of this poll, you can count adopting as "having kids".

How would you categorize yourself religiously?

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  (1 vote)
  (1 vote)
  (2 votes)
  (57 votes)

A total of 69 votes have been cast on this poll.

-----Please read before voting-----

We all know what the majority is here at VS but in a recent comment a certain member claimed (sarcastically, I think) to be the only non-atheist on the site. I know that isn't true, as there has always been a religious minority present here.

I began wondering just how many believers we've got. I suspect it's a higher percentage than most of us might guess.
... more inside ...

Assume a Republican will win in 2012. Which candidate would you want it to be?

  (2 votes)
  (38 votes)
  (1 vote)
  (3 votes)
  (9 votes)

A total of 53 votes have been cast on this poll.

I'm really curious who the loyal Democrats view as the least harmful.

I've tried to represent the front-runners according to straw polls as best I could, excluding anyone who isn't actually running (eg Palin).

Should *elections08 now become *elections?

  (13 votes)
  (0 votes)

A total of 13 votes have been cast on this poll.

With the 2012 election videos now starting to pick up, it seems to me to be the perfect time to reraise the issue of redefining the *elections08 channel.

*elections08 is essentially a dead channel now and I see no reason to go on creating *elections12, *elections14, etc every time a new election cycle comes around. These are US-centric and videosift is pretty darn international. I think it's past time to generalize.

I am, again, proposing that *elections08 be changed to a general purpose *elections channel that can serve for all election propaganda, for all years, for all countries.

Regarding the comment quoting system that debuted in VS4...

  (26 votes)
  (6 votes)
  (10 votes)

A total of 42 votes have been cast on this poll.

The quoting system is fairly impressive, I must say. The fact that it was retroactive was slick, too. However, it seems to break somewhat frequently, rendering comments illegible. It also has the shortcoming of not being able to reply inline or to quote multiple comments and reply to each in one comment.

I'm not sure why anyone would vote for #2, but there it is anyway.

#3 could be easily accomplished by adding CSS for blockquotes. The biggest downside would be it not being retroactive: old quotes would look like they always used to.

Disclaimer: Yes, I'm pushing my own agenda with this poll. I proposed styled blockquotes in the VS4 brainstorm thread.

The EIA channel should be...

  (7 votes)
  (7 votes)
  (28 votes)

A total of 42 votes have been cast on this poll.

It's always kinda bugged me that #eia doesn't really have any requirements. I normally associate the phrase "evolution in action" with the Darwin Awards where you must remove yourself from the gene pool (ie get yourself killed or render yourself unable to reproduce) and a lot of other people seem to think the same. Presently #eia only requires people doing something stupid or dangerous.

With the arrival of #fail, we've got a fair amount of overlap between the two.

Bringing #eia in line with the Darwin Awards requirements always felt right to me, but then it would be handicapped by the snuff rule. Can we come up with another definition which avoids this problem yet is still worthy of being evolution in action?

Or should we just can it and let #fail take the reins?

Choggie rhymes with...

  (44 votes)
  (5 votes)
  (12 votes)

A total of 61 votes have been cast on this poll.

As you may remember, the correct pronunciation of "choggie" was a topic of discussion at the LA SiftUp earlier this year. I figured now, with the return of said choggie, we could get an authoritative answer. But why not have a little fun with it first?

Choggie, if you would be so kind, please give us the correct answer after the polls close.
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