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Please reduce the number of stars it takes before I can promote someone else's sift.

It feels backwards to me in a way, that I can selfishly promote my own crap from day one, yet I can't promote anyone else's.

A lot of people have shown me kindness and I feel like a dick that I can't promote any of their stuff, and there have been a lot of very awesome sifts I wish I could give some love to!

I get that you don't want the front page congested with promoted posts (although I personally think that's ok), but maybe make it 25 stars or something?

What are the approved video hosts?

I'm trying to submit a video from this new site called "facebook". But apparently it's an unknown host and I'm not cool enough to do that. What are the actual ok known trusted sources that plebes can sift from? There used to be a list on the general sift talk page but I can't find it anywhere now. Thanks.

P.S. It's a public video.

"..attempting to access a page from which you are forbidden"

This is the msg delivered when I click "Start a Poll"

403 -
You are attempting to access a page from which you are forbidden. If you think there is an error on VideoSift - please let us know. Otherwise, use the navigation menu above to figure out where to go from here.

I'm nobody special here. I get that maybe I'm not allowed to start a poll. But why present the option for me to start a poll and then provide no explanation as to why I can't do it?

If it responded with "Sorry, you need 50 power points before you can start a poll" with a link to the starpower faq etc. Anything to explain why I can't do something and what I need to do in order to do it.

I just think this is the kind of stuff that alienates new people.
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