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NSFW thumbnail censoring

In light of the recent debate and general situation going on around here, it seems like an appropriate time to re-suggest that there be some way to censor NSFW thumbnails when logged in. I was thinking of bringing this up again yesterday before @bareboards2 started the trolling post ( since I work in an environment where I could get in serious trouble if the wrong person come in and sees inappropriate (for work) content on my screen (ie the promoted topless jousting video yesterday). I know the obvious solution is to avoid the sift while at work, but I usually don't need to. Similarly, having the option to block NSFW thumbs according to preference would also alleviate some problems the ladies have with seeing "sexist" thumbs. Is this a possibility @dag or @lucky760?

Queer quoting quandry

When quoting an already quoted comment, is there a faster way to only quote the most recent comment without grabbing the entire conversation, or do you have to manually mess with the script? If you have to mess with the script (which is probably the case), where do you start/end the deleted portion? I can't ever seem to figure out which part to remove

It gets even more complicated when quoting a comment with a quote in it....

I hate leaving really huge comments, maybe the easier solution is just using the @ command


I haven't seen any updates lately about the status of fixing the broken quote system, but it seems much much better lately, even under unusual situations such as quoting different members within 1 message, then those messages being re-quoted, So kudos on the strides in fixing it to those involved!

On the business of NSFW

Just a couple of comments from ole residue here. With the advent of the thumbnail invocation, I've noticed a lot more boob-thumbnails recently. While I know that's the selling point for several videos, can we maybe limit that a little? I don't want to have to filter NSFW tagged videos at home or at work since a lot are tagged for language, which isn't a problem for me at work. Boobs are though, and are an issue if I want to show someone something on the sift, but now have to worry that a new video will be posted with a thumb of hand-warmers front and center. I know the sift is a free society and we can do whatever we want, but do we really NEED nudity thumbs all over the front page? It makes it hard to present material here to more sensitive people (ie. grandma). Maybe we just need a nudity tag, then we can filter out videos that way?

Also, it would be handy to have a NSFW tag show up for videos in the "top new videos by vote" category on the right. I'm sometimes not sure if I can get away with watching one at work since there's no tag on there... For example, the currently-in-the-list "How to sell car insurance in Romania."

Friendly list-o

I was looking for someone I've engaged in previous conversation with on here, and I've always found him again through topic searches, then by his avatar picture since I rarely send him messages but DO like to contact him about certain topics. I think I've either found him based on the topics, and he's changed his avatar picture, or I haven't found him at all and don't know how to find him without tedious comment searches.

This got me thinking that it would be kind of nice to have a profile option for "saved people" with maybe a space for a comment per entry. This would make it easier to keep people organized into people I like, people I dislike, and why. Seems like it could be a useful feature in what has become a very diverse crowd in the sift with constantly changing member avatars.

Something simple would be nice, and maybe it would even be private per profile to avoid people using the option for abuse..
Just a thought..

The Johnny Cash Project

Have you guys seen this site?

It's an entirely fan-made, sketch based music video for Johnny Cash's final studio recording "Ain't no grave" Apparently anyone can make a sketch for a part of the video, which is added to a large database of images. When you play the video, it randomly picks an image for each frame so the video is ever changing. You can also limit the video to choose sketches of a certain variety (ie realistic frames, sketchy frames, abstract frames, etc.) so you can make a video of a certain style. Anyhow, I thought it was really neat and figured I would share. I also sifted one of the randomly generated videos as another way to get info about the site out there. It's here if you want to watch it ( but it's more fun to go to the website and play with it. You can freeze the video at any point and explore the choices for each frame.


Pqueue question

Is it possible to change the order that your pqueue videos are displayed in? Seems like it would be a nice feature to be able to order them how you please to give your pqueue the best shot at random visitors. This seems like one of those "common sense" type of questions that's either already been addressed and is possible, or was already shot down. If so, I apologize

Can someone slap a dupeof on this baby for me?

Here is the offending video

Sorry for my crimes, I'll await my punishment.
Here's the original, thanks Haricot

Incidentally, the ability to cast "dupeof" on our own videos would be useful. Maybe as a privileged ability at silver or bronze, then when you get gold or whatever it is, you can cast it on other videos too?

Am I the only one with this problem?

I've held off asking about this since I figured someone would bring it up if it were a problem everyone was having, but maybe it's just me, so I'll bring it up. When I watch a video and it ends, it brings up the "related videos" screen. BUT, if I then click on the comments bubble at the bottom of the video, it takes me to youtube rather than opening the comments. The only way I can get the comments to appear is if the video is actually playing. What gives?

Dead Flaggin

Hey why can't we flag "unsifted " videos as dead? Seems like we should be able to since they also appear on frontpage at least temporarily.

Show all comments

I there a way to default to "load all comments?" I always glance through all the comments so I'd rather not have to click to load them all every time.. I'm not sure if only loading the first 10 comments is really much of an improvement since if a video is interesting enough to collect more than 10 comments, I would guess that most people want to see them all.

Hey guys, getting too much sleep??

Do you find yourself waking up in the morning feeling refreshed? Tired of getting through your whole day without falling asleep?? Sick of thinking clearly and rationally all day!? Wish you could spend all night every night angry and agitated!!?! Well I've got the solution for you, have a baby!

Oh that's right, I used to be just like you before I tried this revolutionary old program. I'd hate my whole day feeling all normal and not-tired. I'd be guilt stricken with all those uninterrupted hours of sleep just piling up night after night. But now that I've started my program of "having baby," I can breathe easy during my day knowing that I've just spent a fulfilling night trying to figure out if the baby is hungry, tired, dirty, cold, hot, dead, hyperactive, confused, diabetic, allergic to nuts, deaf, blind, demonic, confused, bored, scared, wet, gassy, crampy, pregnant, worried about getting a job, worried about finding a girlfriend, tense, wanting tummy time, wanting back time, wanting hammer time, wanting more allowance, or suffering from an enlarged prostate.

Sound appealing to you? Then get with the program that's been helping people not rest for literally decades, maybe longer!! Trust me, you'll have no regrets at all (maybe)!!

Bookmark question

Forgive me if this has been addressed, I've been gone for a while with some family business, but is there some reason why we can't bookmark a video anymore without actually entering that video's page? There used to be a button for bookmark under the video from the main page..

The poetic works of D.H. Rumsfeld

From the "Slate" website

"Rumsfeld's poetry is paradoxical: It uses playful language to address the most somber subjects: war, terrorism, mortality. Much of it is about indirection and evasion: He never faces his subjects head on but weaves away, letting inversions and repetitions confuse and beguile. His work, with its dedication to the fractured rhythms of the plainspoken vernacular, is reminiscent of William Carlos Williams'. Some readers may find that Rumsfeld's gift for offhand, quotidian pronouncements is as entrancing as Frank O'Hara's.

And so Slate has compiled a collection of Rumsfeld's poems, bringing them to a wider public for the first time. The poems that follow are the exact words of the defense secretary, as taken from the official transcripts on the Defense Department Web site."

The Unknown
As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don't know
We don't know.

—Feb. 12, 2002, Department of Defense news briefing

Glass Box
You know, it's the old glass box at the—
At the gas station,
Where you're using those little things
Trying to pick up the prize,
And you can't find it.

And it's all these arms are going down in there,
And so you keep dropping it
And picking it up again and moving it,

Some of you are probably too young to remember those—
Those glass boxes,

But they used to have them
At all the gas stations
When I was a kid.

—Dec. 6, 2001, Department of Defense news briefing

A Confession
Once in a while,
I'm standing here, doing something.
And I think,
"What in the world am I doing here?"
It's a big surprise.

—May 16, 2001, interview with the New York Times

You're going to be told lots of things.
You get told things every day that don't happen.

It doesn't seem to bother people, they don't—
It's printed in the press.
The world thinks all these things happen.
They never happened.

Everyone's so eager to get the story
Before in fact the story's there
That the world is constantly being fed
Things that haven't happened.

All I can tell you is,
It hasn't happened.
It's going to happen.

—Feb. 28, 2003, Department of Defense briefing

The Digital Revolution
Oh my goodness gracious,
What you can buy off the Internet
In terms of overhead photography!

A trained ape can know an awful lot
Of what is going on in this world,
Just by punching on his mouse
For a relatively modest cost!

—June 9, 2001, following European trip

The Situation
Things will not be necessarily continuous.
The fact that they are something other than perfectly continuous
Ought not to be characterized as a pause.
There will be some things that people will see.
There will be some things that people won't see.
And life goes on.

—Oct. 12, 2001, Department of Defense news briefing

I think what you'll find,
I think what you'll find is,
Whatever it is we do substantively,
There will be near-perfect clarity
As to what it is.

And it will be known,
And it will be known to the Congress,
And it will be known to you,
Probably before we decide it,
But it will be known.

—Feb. 28, 2003, Department of Defense briefing

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