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Am I the only one with this problem?

I've held off asking about this since I figured someone would bring it up if it were a problem everyone was having, but maybe it's just me, so I'll bring it up. When I watch a video and it ends, it brings up the "related videos" screen. BUT, if I then click on the comments bubble at the bottom of the video, it takes me to youtube rather than opening the comments. The only way I can get the comments to appear is if the video is actually playing. What gives?

Show all comments

I there a way to default to "load all comments?" I always glance through all the comments so I'd rather not have to click to load them all every time.. I'm not sure if only loading the first 10 comments is really much of an improvement since if a video is interesting enough to collect more than 10 comments, I would guess that most people want to see them all.

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