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Comments to oritteropo

lurgee says...

I LOVE the Type 3 Squareback! Second to the Ghia.

oritteropo said:

When I was a teenager my neighbour had a Type 3 station wagon, which was a bit scary because he wasn't a great driver and the light front end gave it a tendency to wander even without help!

It wasn't as cool as the Karman Ghia.

lurgee says...

Thanks mate! When I was born my father had an early 1960's Karman Ghia that was black with a white roof. He claimed I called it "Daddy's race car". My love for this car goes waaaaaaaay back. I currently drive a 2003 Golf GL and hope that I get another 15 years out of it.

oritteropo said:


newtboy says...

I know, but I also know many people don't bother reading that. If it's to be a kid safe place, it seemed prudent to avoid mistaken assumptions....more so than any other channel.

oritteropo said:

The channel description is actually fairly clear:

Sandbox for Sift Tots. This is a realm for videos that are suitable for children to enjoy. Non-kid-friendly videos that simply happen to contain a kid do not belong here.

newtboy says...

Maybe the channel should be changed to "kid friendly" or something similar to end confusion? Just a thought.

oritteropo said:

You know, that channel would work a lot better if everybody only tagged vids suitable for children instead of any vid that happens to contain one...

lurgee says...

You are welcome. I was also very impressed on how similar it was to the original.

oritteropo said:

Thanks I was pretty impressed by how close to the original he got, even though his kit probably cost less than one VOX AC30 amp... without even getting to microphones, instruments, and an entire studio.

newtboy says...

To me, the really depressing thing is this was just one of dozens if not hundreds of similarly decrepit dams ready to fall apart. We got incredibly lucky with this one, I expect we probably won't stay lucky for long and one will fail in our next really wet rainy season....disastrously.
America sucks at upkeep.

oritteropo said:

I haven't watched it yet, but plan to. I'm subscribed to his channel, he has a lot of good stuff.

The interesting thing about the failure is that there wasn't just one cause, but as is often the case a whole bunch of things that conspired to cause it.

The depressing thing about it is that the authorities had been warned about it for over 10 years before the failure, but ignored the warnings

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