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siftbot says...

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This achievement has earned you your "Golden One" Level 269 Badge!

surfingyt says...

no wonder Trump thought he could invent numbers again and gift himself the presidency. cant trust Trump on anything (especially his golf game)

newtboy said:

So, remember how you loved to say children don't get covid, and when they do it's mild, so reopen schools?
Emails between Trump officials, science advisor, Paul Alexander, and then HHS public affairs, chief Michael Kaputo, came to light today proving how they changed the data from the CDC to make it look that way so they could push to reopen schools in September in an effort to give the appearance that Trump's plans to do nothing were working and we could reopen schools before the election. They were celebrating their success at fudging the data enough to make that claim.
Just another reminder of the constant liars your messiah's team are, and they lied to you mostly, non cultists quit listening to them lie by summer 2017 at the latest.

ant says...

I had to zoom in to see where it was earlier.

newtboy said:

Yes...yes it is. My mistake. I thought the guy rowing was playing a sit on motorcycle game on my 10" screen, and only saw the bench press at full zoom. D'oh!

So...Maybe they're meatheads and picking things up and putting them down is more exciting than nature to them under any circumstances?

bobknight33 says...

ANTIFA was there in part.
Never said tens of thousands or even hundreds. You 1/2 baked mind is drifting.

The election had fraud in it. There are some challenges occurring ( AZ) but why do Democrats steadfastly block a full audit on every front? Considering they won fair and square? They have nothing to lose and will gain a big laugh at republican expense.

newtboy said:

Says the person who still believes the big lie, the election fraud fraud, even though it's creators admit it's a lie only morons could believe.
The same person who still tries to claim Antifa attacked the capitol dressed as ten thousand Trumptards at the direction of McConnell who directed the terrorist attack to help Pelosi.

Talk about a useful idiotic tool, you win the prize, buddy.

....aaaaaaaahahahahaha! ....aaaaaa.....aaaaaa...I......can't......breath......aaaaaaahahahaha!

siftbot says...

Your video, Epic Wallride For The Win, has made it into the Top 15 New Videos listing. Congratulations on your achievement. For your contribution you have been awarded 1 Power Point.

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bobknight33 says...

You are correct Trump lost due to fraud, Mass Democrat Fraud.

Court cases still being fought,
Court cases still coming forward.
Justice moves slowly.

newtboy said:

Now that the right wing stance since the election, that Trump lost due to fraud, repeated, embellished, and supported by every right wing news outlet and denounced by every other news outlet on the planet as pure lies has been revealed as pure, baseless, factless, unbelievable lies the same right wing outlets admitted in court they knew were outright lies so dumb only morons could possibly believe, have you changed your mind or are you still believing the liars and the stupid lies they feed you, lies they admit are pure stupid bullshit, lies they themselves say are so baseless and stupid only pure ignorant idiots believe them...that's what they think of people like you bob. They used you.
That’s what they think of you. They say you’re a gullible dumbass they can use at will because you’re dumb enough to believe the unbelievable based on zero evidence and nothing more than partisan hyperbole dressed as news.
Again, why aren’t you pissed? They caused billions if not trillions in losses thanks to your ilk believing their admitted lies, they got hundreds of you labeled terrorists, many of which won’t ever get out of prison, they made you a braying jackass, and all to get donations from you to fight the fraud, money that instead went into Trump’s pockets to pay some of his enormous debt because, as they now admit, they knew there wasn’t any fraud and they had no case to fight.
They did this to you. They admit’s actually their defense. Why would you think they ever told you anything resembling the truth? They played you like a fiddle.

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