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View Counting Bug in Sift Talk

When I'm in a permalink page for a Sift Talk and I either reload the page or click the title (self-link to the same page), the views count goes up sometimes in ones, as it perhaps should, but sometimes in twos and threes. I didn't figure out a pattern. I did notice that the one Vote message I looked at always went up by ones and the others went up by twos or threes.


Edit: and sometimes fours.

Proposed New "Learning" Channel -- What the "Education" Channel Isn't

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A total of 14 votes have been cast on this poll.

Considering how much the educational world has taken to Internet video, I'm proposing a "Learning" channel where Sift nerds like me can come and get our fix.

... more inside ...

What do you think?

Anonymous Outs Amanda Todd's Bully - Siftable? *discuss

Anonymous has determined and exposed to the world the true identity of the main online tormentor Amanda Todd, a Canadian teen who killed herself when the bullying got too much for her to handle. I was going to sift it because I love it, it's newsworthy and would probably spark a discussion. But if I saw it sifted, I'd tag it with *discussion to determine if the Sift thought it was appropriate to post incriminations of unconvicted people.

(and when that goes down)

I Need Me Some Good Conservative Content

I spend 1-4 hours a day consuming videos and chatter here and at sites linked to from here, all of which leans towards the liberal. It occurred to me (again) today that absorbing so many opinions and talking points that conform to my own isn't really being intellectually honest. So I figured I should find some to balance things out. I'm not thinking of watching half and half, but maybe for every hour I spend on stuff I like, I could spend 10 minutes on something that challenges me a bit more.

So I'm looking for some sites that will satisfy me.

I know many of you will just get a good laugh out of this, and that's fine, but I'm looking for -- wait for it -- some intelligent, fact-based, rationally argued and conservative media, like a conservative equivalent to "The Point". They can be libertarians, fiscal conservatives, whatever. They cannot be blowhards who spew crap that's verifiably bullshit, who argue from tautological (especially religion-based) PoVs, or who just spout their talking points and win by yelling louder.

OK, stop laughing, I'm serious. If you know of any sites that would fit the bill, please drop them in the comments. It doesn't have to be videos, but it must be open to public comments and have at least a semi-intelligent atmosphere.

Or if you think I'm dreaming, you can have a laugh at my expense too.

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