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Australian accent caused by drunken slur of early settlers

The Australian accent is the product of colonial settlers getting drunk, according to one of the country’s speech experts.

Dean Frenkel, a tutor and lecturer at Victoria Unviersity in Melbourne said that as well as having origins in Aboriginal, English, Irish and German, the Australian accent is also a result of their ancestor’s love of alcohol.

Writing in The Age, Mr Frenkel said: “The Australian alphabet cocktail was spiked by alcohol. Our forefathers regularly got drunk together and through their frequent interactions unknowingly added an alcoholic slur to our national speech patterns.”

“For the past two centuries, from generation to generation, drunken Aussie-speak continues to be taught by sober parents to children.”


Who would you vote for: Bernie or Hillary?

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A total of 6 votes have been cast on this poll.

If the primary for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president were today, would you vote for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

Do you enjoy marijuana?

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A total of 14 votes have been cast on this poll.

are you a pothead?

Scotland's independence -- yea or nay?

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A total of 12 votes have been cast on this poll.

personally, I think a yes vote is a no brainer for the Scots. what say you?

if you need a reason to love the Scots ...

Playlists are underused

especially group playlists. i think it would help if we could assign playlists to channels like with other sift posts ... also, a continuous play button would be nice;) here are some of the great group playlists out there which you can participate in:


edit: another suggestion would be to set default playlist listing order to "most recently updated"

World Cup 2010: Slovenia vs. England

this is it, folks. the deciding game of group C. it's crazy here in slovenia. game's on in half an hour, everyone's finishing early to go watch the game at home or in one of numerous pubs that have big screen tv's outside. we're gonna win, of course. i know a_c disagrees, but she's a girl and we all know girls don't know shit about the game;) I just came home from the office to roll some joints and then I'm off to my favourite watering hole ... see you after the game

Fake Science

I came upon this collection of old science textbook illustrations with a twist today – the misleading factoids cover a variety of topics and can be found on an extremely funny site called Fake Science. It's guaranteed to cure your midweek depression;)

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