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Why do we have to wait 2 days to fix someone's *dead post?

Can we change the fix dead embed so we don't have to wait 2 days to fix someone's *dead post? Several of my bookmarks have been *deaded which are owned by a non active user and I've found fixes for them, but I can't fix them since it gives the original poster 2 days to fix it. Does it really matter who fixes it?

What happened to the remove video from channel thing?

Before the 4.0 upgrade, there was a link under the comments of a video when viewed from your channel that let you remove the video from the channel rather than having to invoke the *nochannel and *channel *channel *channel stuff. I no longer see this link. Can we have it back please?

You can vote while not logged in?

Yesterday I was watching videos with my morning bowl of cereal, and I must have cast a half dozen votes or so before I tried to post a comment and realized I wasn't logged in. The sift now lets non users vote? How are those votes counted?

When I logged in, the video I had last voted up and was trying to post a comment, it re-assigned the vote to me, so I hoped it did it for the rest of the videos I voted for.

Apparently it didn't though because one of the videos I know I voted for is on the top 15 today, and it shows like I haven't voted for it. What happened to all of those votes I cast yesterday before logging in?

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