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WeShow: New video aggregator on the block

I saw over at techcrunch a new site has launched called WeShow that has a very similar mission to the sifts. Have the users vote on videos to weed out the crap. I have signed up and their voting system is a little awkward, you don't actually up or down vote a video, you rank the videos in a category from best to worst. Also they have a most viewed list similar to youtube, etc but I am not sure if this is based on the total video views or how many views at weshow. Interesting site and I am still messing around to get a feel for it but though maybe some others would like to try it out and give their opinions on it. You know what they say, know your enemy.

Giving the unregistered lurkers a vote!

So I'm thinking about all the unregistered lurkers we have and I wonder what would happen if they could vote! You are probably thinking "wtf grspec! have you gone insane?" possibly but hear me out on this.

Showing lurker votes would be kind of cool becuase you could see how the video fairs in lurker land vs the votes it received from sifters. These votes would have no effect on a video getting out of the queue but would serve as another statistic for the video. If you wanted you could even show a top 15 lurker videos.

You might be thinking "why then would the lurker sign up if he can vote!" What I would propose is to give each lurker only 5 votes or 10 per day. That why they can get a taste for voting without becoming a member, I think this might possibly increase their chances of signing up to receive the rest of the fine features available to members.

New Collective - 221b Baker Street

After months of deliberating I took the plunge and started a collective. 221b Baker Street is open for business and revolves around unsolved mysteries, crimes, and the unexplained from who shot JFK to Bigfoot and everywhere in between. I am really excited about this collective becuase I love mysteries whether it's a book, movie or documentary I can't get enough.

If you are interested shoot me a message for an invite.

Anyone else hate the URL's overlayed in videos?

This really pisses me off, mainly because I see it as a cheap way for people to try and get traffic to some ad laden site.. case and point:

that video has the following url overlayed in the video

now not only does the video point to some ad revenue site, it smacks of self promotion since the guy on metacafe only uploaded it 20 hours and and here 15 hours ago.

So even though I can't prove the guy uploaded it, it does make me think perhaps a ban on videos that have this type of BS url embedded could be a good thing. Especially if it's sole purpose is just to drive traffic to another site.

Am I off base on this?

Duplicate dilemma

I just noticed that newcomer crushbug has submitted this video

I knew I had seen the video and found this

The second video had been discarded but was now fixed and for some reason never got an undead. Is it wrong for me to save this then call a duplicate on crushbugs? That's what my gut is telling me to do but I wanted to get some other opinions on this becuase I am sure it's not the first or last time this will happen.

Why are there no sift forums?

I think it would be a nice addition to the site. You have plenty of users who can moderate it and it would give everyone a place to hang out and chat without gumming up the comments. This would also allow for more community interaction and be beneficial for the collectives too.
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