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why do you sift?

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humans are a diverse bunch and we all do things according to our own preferences and while i know why i post to videosift,i have always been curious why YOU post.

so i decided to create a poll,that i hope you will participate in,by revealing why you post to our beloved videosift.what is your motivation to post a video? your intentions? what is the driving factor in posting material you have found on the internet.

speaking only for myself,i am a former lurker who realized that maybe i was not alone in my eclectic and oftentimes eccentric tastes.so i decided to start posting videos based on a long LONG list of content that ,though a tad obscure,may find an audience.

and lo and behold! it turned out i was not the only one with a propensity for oddness.

i have met some wonderful people who i admire and respect.my ideas and philosophies have been challenged to my delight and sometimes chagrin.my music and art library has grown due to so many here on the sift who have shared some amazing talent that i would have otherwise never been exposed to.

sifters who have taken the time to explain their views on politics or history that i would have never even considered.changing my outlook on a great many things.

in short:i am a different person who has grown because of people like YOU and i wish to let you know the breadth of my gratitude.
thank you all so much for just being you.you make this place what it is and what it will be.
stay awesome.

asking permission to create my ELECTRONICA channel

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this is the channel i had in mind when i first started posting videos here on the sift.
mainly because we do not have one and many times i felt the channel tags lacked when it came to this style and genre of music.
since we seem to be split on how new channels should be submitted let me be the first to put my neck on the chopping block,but before you arbitrarily dismiss my creation idea let me make my case.
what exactly do i mean by electronica?
the electronica channel will be a sub genre channel just like rock and roll,blues or hip hop.
lets consider just what electronica may be.
electronica is any music that is in whole or part created by:synthesizer,samples,loops,digitized media and can even be considered electronica when accompanied by organic instruments.synthesizers were started being experimented with in the late 50's so that is a fairly large chunk of music history and has influenced multiple genres and styles of music.
now that we have established WHAT electronica encompasses,lets take a look at what could possibly be considered appropriate for the electronica tag:
steve miller band-fly like an eagle-electronica/classic rock
flock of seagulls-i ran-electronica/new wave
pink floyd-several different species of furry animals gathered together in a cave grooving with a pict-electronica/acid rock
sasha and digweed-remake of enjoy the silence-electronica/techno/trance
crystal method-high roller-electronica
diary of dreams-the curse-electronica/goth
VNV nation-illusion-electronica
lunatic calm-leave you behind-electronica/post punk

i could go on for hours but suffice to say electronica would give us sifters who post mainly music a tag that can help narrow the field down a bit and would help those who may wish to know upfront what kind of music they may be listening to and 60 years is a pretty huge well of music history to draw from.

i can only speak for myself but i have over 100 videos that will fit into this channel but i know:
evil disco man
erik5637(forgot that actual numbers..sorry bud)
alien concept
and soon to have a massive electronica library-playwithfire
and many others here have large archives also that would fit into this channel.(if i forgot anyone my apologies)

so there we have it kids.i leave my new channel in your hands.
i think i made my case though.
and on a side note:
i am not a purist,you will not see me argue over if a song is hard trance or ambient.happy hardcore or hard house.
if it uses non-organic instruments it is electronica,even the awful stuff (and there is some awful electronica out there).
vote away kiddies......
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