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Cord Cutters Unite!

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A total of 11 votes have been cast on this poll.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm finding it easier than ever to go without a TV (no I won't beat you over the head about how awesome I am for throwing out my set). I use Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, PBS Streaming and others.

It would be nice to have a way to integrate these sites into VideoSift. I've found some of my favourite shows through the Sift, like Would I Lie to You, Downton Abbey and That Mitchell & Webb Look. I think VideoSift, as a community of smarties, does a lot better job as a discovery service than even the much-ballyhooed Netflix recommendations engine

Of course there are downsides to attempting to integrate sites like Netflix et al:
-- They generally don't allow embedding!
-- Geoblocking
-- Some cost money

The first one listed above is the biggie - but what I was imagining is a URL to the show or episode, with a screenshot , and then clicking would open it in a new window - but people could leave comments and vote etc on VideoSift. My fantasy would be having viewing parties where we could all get together and group binge on new shows ... but I'd settle for a good source of recommendations for what to watch.

Geoblocking is becoming less of a problem for us people living outside North America; this is because of easy (legal) circumvention, and sites like Netflix and Crackle that have made local versions available.

Let me know what you think about the idea - and happy to hear tweaks or other suggestions in the comments.

Would you like to see more articles on the front page?

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A total of 29 votes have been cast on this poll.

Would you be interested in seeing more original blog posts, articles and Sift Talk posts on the front page from the community? This could be stuff like:

1. Member blog posts
2. Movie or TV reviews by Sifters
3. Things like the History of VideoSift
4. A weekly "Best of the Sift" round-up post

Or do you prefer your VideoSift stirred, not shaken up - with pure video only on the front page.

I'm not expressing a preference either way - but I'd be genuinely interested to know what you all think.

Motion to approve "Russia" channel for @Barseps

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A total of 61 votes have been cast on this poll.

Proposed desscription is as follows:

With a land mass of 6,601,668 square miles & spanning 11 time zones, it's the world's largest country. As Canada, the world's 2nd largest country, has it's own channel as well as Downunder (Aus, NZ & Tasmania), France, Britain, Africa, Asia & Celtic (Ireland, Scotland, Wales) how about a channel for the former Soviet Union? I think we'll all agree that a LOAD of the crazy "road" videos we have on this site come from there & if you type Russia into the search bar, you get over 600 videos & that's just in the TITLE, so how many of them are hidden?

New Channel Proposal: "Skillful"

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A total of 45 votes have been cast on this poll.

@Deano is proposing a new skillful channel, titled "Exceptionally skilled people". Deano describes the channel thusly:
This channel is a home for all kinds of remarkable or near exceptional skills, demonstrated by people from all walks of life.

Being good enough won't get you admitted. When you visit this channel be prepared to see people performing astonishing skills.
See this post for some examples of videos that would fit in the skillful channel.

New Channel: 90s

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A total of 49 votes have been cast on this poll.

Member @Trancecoach has submitted the 90s channel for your consideration. He describes it thusly:

Taking a cue from the 80s channel, this is a collective for people into 90s music, movies and culture.

Please vote yea or nay for the activation of this channel - thanks.

Should Main Sift Talk Posts be VideoSift Related Content?

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A total of 42 votes have been cast on this poll.

In the sidebar it says "Sift Talk is a discussion area for our members. Feel free to post and respond to issues about VideoSift, our community, or online videos in the news." In the past, we have moved discussions that don't meet this criteria to appropriate channel talks. This takes a bit of policing and can cause some butt hurting.

Should Information About VideoSift Members be Recorded on wiki.videosift.com?

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A total of 48 votes have been cast on this poll.

Many of you may know that we've recently launched wiki.videosift.com. The wiki is meant to be a developing source for rules, guidelines, help and general VideoSift information about the culture and history of the community.

There has been some discussion on whether or not member information should be noted in the wiki. People may want to provide information about themselves - or write something up about notable Sifters who have had an impact on the culture and history of the site.

A conflicting line of thought is that information about Sifters is not germaine to the Wiki - and opens the door to negative, hurtful write-ups about members that may cause a lot of strife.

Should Probies Graduate for a Quality Comment?

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  (35 votes)

A total of 54 votes have been cast on this poll.

Currently, the only way to lose your red "P" is to Sift a video with at least 10 votes. Would you be in favor of graduating members out of probation status for a quality comment? (one that has received 15 up votes)

Should VideoSift Allow "Always On" Perpetual Video Streams?

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A total of 49 votes have been cast on this poll.

You may have noticed that we're getting a few always on, 24-hour stream type posts lately. Here's one for Mystery Science Theater 3000. Here's another that's a live feed for MSNBC.

I'm thinking this will be a binding vote and will be codified in the rules- so choose wisely.

Should Potential New Channels be Voted on by the Community?

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A total of 56 votes have been cast on this poll.

In light of the drama around the new Wilhelm channel, I'd like to propose that we make new channel approvals require a majority "yes" vote from a poll. We would still reserve the right to veto it if it causes real problems - (eg "*culture" causes technical issues with *cult invocation) but would bow to the will of the community in most other cases.

Should We Bring back the Siftquisition? (redux)

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A total of 57 votes have been cast on this poll.

I know I failed to get this past the Sift Senate last time, but I'd like to modify the bill and try again.

You know I think that the Siftquisition is an important organ of self-cleansing and helps to add weight to the rules and customs of our community. So, I'd like to propose we adopt the modification that @xxovercastxx thought of, namely:

  • Voting on a Siftquisition would begin 48 hours after the Sifquisition was called - this gives Sifters the opportunity to discuss the matter - and a chance for the siftquisitioned to tell their side of the story.

  • Voting would have only 2 options - guilty or innocent. No mention of punishment. Sentencing would be carried out by the admins and it could range from a verbal warning to permanent banishment.

    What say ye now?

  • Should We Bring back the Siftquisition?

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      (23 votes)

    A total of 42 votes have been cast on this poll.

    The Siftquisition was a process wherein a member could "call out" another member for perceived violations of rules, etiquette etc on the Sift. Potential actions to be carried out against the accused were listed as votable choices, like a poll. People could vote on the outcome (if any) which would be carried out by the administrators (Dag and Lucky) at the end of the Siftquisition period.

    Would you be in favor of an Expanded Sift?*

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      (35 votes)

    A total of 73 votes have been cast on this poll.

    *This series of comments got me thinking about opening the Sift up to other media besides just video. It's something we've considered off and on over the years.

    So, an expaned Sift would include other types of media - just roughly this could be:
  • news/links
  • photos
  • music
  • embeddable games
  • essays (text posts mixing in photos and video)

    It would also probably involve a name change for the site :0

    In the past we haven't wanted to edge in on the big boy news aggregators - and enjoyed our status as a "dedicated" video community- but we have a much larger community now- with strong interests in politics and news that doesn't always fall within the confines of video.

  • What Should the Queue Escape Level Be?

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      (60 votes)

    A total of 96 votes have been cast on this poll.

    The problem as I see it is that VideoSift has a couple of competing goals that rub against each other.

    The first over-arching goal of VideoSift is to extract really good videos from a larger pool of not so noteworthy videos, for display to a larger audience. That is the main main "work" of the site and the community. It's what we produce together. The fruits of our Sift labor.

    The second goal is individual to each member of the community. It's about getting your personal tastes wider coverage and also personal achievement. It feels good to get on the top 15, or have something rocket out of the queue. I love that.

    We have to strike a balance between these two goals. We don't want to discourage people from posting the things that they love. We don't want to open the floodgates so that the front page is a random collection of videos.

    I know good stuff fails sometimes - but we have introduced quite a lot of tools to try and reduce that. (personal queues, beggars canyon *quality videos, channels)

    What say you all?

    Do you find VideoSift Slow?

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    A total of 82 votes have been cast on this poll.

    We're going through a bit of a growth spurt - traffic is increasing and we want to make sure that everyone is getting their Sift fix in a timely manner.

    By "Slow" I'm talking about pageloads and server response times. When you click a link - does it take a long time for the next page to load? When you submit a comment - does it take a while for it to show up? When you vote ... you get the picture.

    How should promoted posts be displayed on the front page?

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      (31 votes)

    A total of 56 votes have been cast on this poll.

    This is our first poll - and I wanted to get this taken care of.

    The old way of displaying posts was to kick them to the top of the page and let them sit there for their allotted time. All vote buttons and other information is displayed.

    The new way has just the thumbnails and titles displayed in a single row without the vote buttons. You have to click through to vote and view the post. However there is no time limit for the promoted post. They stay up there until they are bumped out of the by 5 completely new promotes.

    We've decided that we will abide by whatever the community decides on this issue.
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