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A Crown Has Been Earned!!

Please join me in a collective "YAY!" for PlayhousePals earning a well deserved CROWN!! Cheri, you have a heart of awesome sense of humor...and a fantastically absurd taste in videos. Speaking of which...check out her YouTube channel should you require your day be brightened...a smile brought to your face...or a demo of some sharp video editing skills.

Channel Ideas

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A total of 27 votes have been cast on this poll.

Sooooo....I've been thinking of ideas for a new channel and need to run them by y'all to get an opinion. The consensus may not result in my ultimate choice so please don't think too deep into this.


Advice on E-Book Readers

So I am thinking about buying an e-book reader and am leaning toward the Kindle Fire.

Does anyone own one or have used one before?

I like the Kindle Fire as it has a color screen so I can view my digital comic books (cbr format) and the price is fair at $200. I remember this post, but I don't the device to do all that.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Discard -vs- Kill

So I am curious as to the difference between the kill and discard invoke. Let's say I have a dead video and want to remove it...would I kill or discard it? Or if I have an unsifted vid that I want to make that a kill?

Maybe it doesn't matter which one you invoke when it comes to your own videos but I want to make sure I am understanding this correctly.

Happy New Year!

I have spent the past year on the Sift learning, observing, laughing, crying, searching, and always thinking...much like my life in general. By far, the best part of my time here has been getting to know the people of this community. I truly hope that 2012 bring happiness and many Power Points to you all!!

College Humor Vids

Maybe this is old news but there are an unusual number of College Humor vids that are dead. I have not examined the embed code to determine a pattern yet but you should check your queue for inembed:collegehumor and make sure they are still working.

Google+ Invites

I just got a Google+ account and have invites to share if anyone is interested in checking it out. Just leave me a private message as to which email address to send the invite.
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