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I wonder... (Blog Post)

...if it would be easier to teach color to a blind person or music to a deaf person? people playing the trombone ever hit the person in front of them?

...what would happen if I ate a bunch of Mentos and drank a lot of Coke?

RIP - Nintendo Power Magazine (Blog Post)

Friends come and go. It's part of life. Sometimes we forget about the friend until we hear their name mentioned. Then the memories come flooding back as if a light was turned on in a darkened room. 

It was recently announced that Nintendo Power magazine will cease publication in December. The 1st issue was released in 1988 and was the source of gaming news and previews. A lot of it was marketing fluff but I didn't know otherwise as it was ninteen-fucking-eighty-eight and all WWW meant was that you stuttered.

So's been a while since I last thought of the magazine...but the memories are there and they make me smile. I think I will go download a ROM and fire up the emulator.

Mars Science Laboratory (Blog Post)

The Mars Science Laboratory is scheduled to land in just over 5 days from now! 

Check out the mission site for the latest news and complete coverage.

It will be a late night/early morning for me but I plan on staying up to follow along. Who else is with me???

Google Video content moving to YouTube (Blog Post)

Google has said that the remaining video hosted on Google Video will be automatically migrated to YouTube later this summer. Google Video stopped allowing new uploads a few years ago when it was announced the service was being closed to focus on YouTube.



I know there is a fair amount of Google Video embedded on the Sift so be aware of broken or dead videos that may spike as a result of this move.

Advice on E-Book Readers - UPDATE (Blog Post)

I had my mind set on the Kindle Fire when I got a great deal on a Nook Color. The only drawback I found with the Nook was the lack of available apps from Barnes & Noble and the overall feel of the Nook O/S left me with a not-so-fresh feeling. Since the Nook Color was refurbished, I didn't mind voiding what warranty it came with so I did a bit of research and found a way to replace the defalt O/S with a full version of Android. Now, I have complete access to Google Play (aka the Android App Store) and I am very impressed so far. The Nook feels more complete and I am surprised at the performance coming out of the little guy. Below are some good sites to learn more.



Error 451 - Unavailable For Legal Reasons (Blog Post)

Tim Bray, software developer, has submitted a proposal to the Internet Engineering Task Force for the creation of an HTTP error code that denotes when access to a site is denied for legal reasons.

If approved, accessing sites that are censored would return a 451 code which is a more accurate description than what is being used now.  


I like this idea as it shines a spotlight on web censorship and being a fan of Ray Bradbury makes me appreciate the tribute.

More info:



Confirmation Bias (Blog Post)

Confirmation bias is the tendancy of people to favor information that confirms their own beliefs. An example would be my belief in animal rights tend to cause me to search for and gather information from sources that promote animal rights such as the SPCA or The Humane Society. I would stay away from other sources that may tell a more complete picture but are automatically discounted because they don't mesh with my beliefs.

Think about it for a second and I guarantee that you have similar biased beliefs. We all do. It's human nature and the best way to avoid making poor decisions based on a confirmation bias is to be aware of the way you think. The concept of "thinking about thinking" and questioning assumptions falls under the idea of critical thinking.

A couple years ago a journalist, David McRaney, wrote an article on his blog about confirmation bias. I highly recommmend taking the time to read and digest what he says...I am still processing it!




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