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Should Powers Be Stripped Unilaterally By Admins Without Balls?

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A total of 18 votes have been cast on this poll.

Prior to having my powers of resurrecting dead embeds from the dead pool stripped by admins alerted by users with sticks up their asses because of their personal dislike for my manner here, I was daily sending published videos back into the mix here for the reward of one power point per embed fixed, then immediately using that power point to either promote or quality other user's offerings, that with both a view to the uplifting of spirits of teh fellow traffickers of the place and to maintain the site's functional integrity, this with the view of the entire sift community in mind foremost.

I made a few mistakes, some intentional and artistically appropriate IMLTHO, others by accident....replaced the wrong embed with one that was not EXACTLY the same, and was stripped of that power with no recourse but to like it of fucking lump it forever, fuck you.

Fucking hate it. I have served the goddamned time and respectfully request that the community decide whether the admins should change their unilateral "Let's hobble the problem people here and maybe they will go away" policy.

This power is available to everyone with gold or above and I was one of the only users to avail myself of the power for the benefit of the site's integrity for the benefit of all....Don't really notice anyone doing the work I have done so far, and the bullshit rules regarding this issue are unclear and can suck my balls.

To resurrect deadpool videos has been one of my favorite past-times here since being welcomed-back to the sift, and assholes and people's personal issues and the pressure form PM's from the rabble have rendered me impotent to enjoy the fruits of labor here.

I'm no idiot, I see the hobbling for what it fucking is. What's the herd's opinion??

Would you like to be able to embed jpeg images into comment threads?

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A total of 18 votes have been cast on this poll.

Embedded videos within comment threads is already an option here and if your browsing habits are anything like mine you spend at least 30 minutes a week dinking with, and appreciating jpeg images and Photoshopped art. I'd like to be able to stick an image in a thread without having to click a link.

Ditching the poll if it's too problematic a tweak *edit-has the prop already been addressed?

The Watcher

Enoch, resident bard-Oh? and 5th-circuit court jester has joined the royal ranks-Videosift's resident tripster-preacher and fellow, eternal skeptic has made the upgrade-

Hail, Eris!!

Congrats On Gold For Jan...

.....who has just renewed an annual charter membership with shit-tickets and is about 3 published videos away from GOLD
Hooray for JAN! ~ Nemesis to Monsanto and friend to the universe, good luck and godspeed.

Anyone Else?

When I down vote something and refresh I can't see that anyone (including myself) has downshifted.

Have I been real high all this time?

Downvotes For Adverts

Pay here, play here. Sidebars and pop-ups??-Cool. Any viddies with auto-play, adverts, or shit already paid for with labor-coupons for the pipeline to happiness?... Fuck that noise.

We all have to look at billboards and marquis along beautiful concrete or landscaping rather than interactive bio-organic-mechanized-happy-structures everywhere, all-fucking-day. Why bother here, when all it gleans is some network coke-addict's drivel, an other network-wannabee's aspiring to similar heights of drivel, or other talent-free *Fuckazoids attempting to make you lazier with a buck at-the-same-time for themselves and other cunts who fuck-off doing dick as well by making you stupider ??

It's a vicious goddamn cycle that has to stop somewhere already...GRRRR!

Get ready and please subscribe to a, from-the-hip down-vote attitude for any embedded videos with mandatory adverts. Band + Wagon =

If not ,fuck off I'm gonna do it.

*pending urban dictionary term

"rabble, rabble, rabble..."

How About a Few More Downvotes, Eh??

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A total of 18 votes have been cast on this poll.

Motivation for polling has always been the question begged: If one has the power to wield, and in doing so effecting movement without effort, why then not affect that result without typing? Oh, that and I am going to start down-voting as many submissions as I up-vote, and see how this little experiment livens the place up

Here's to one Youngman blankfist, in honor of his much abhorred, "Down-vote Everything" days.

EDIT: Title changes initiated for some traffic on this poll.

Question: If I state dishonestly, that I could give a rat's-ass why you play on this site or how your mind works, how would you use the powers available to you as a member here to liven the fucking place up with some suggestions on this thread?

Ant, you have gotten lazy lately btw, you don't down-vote nearly enough for Chūgi anymore

Winner of the Cooking Channel Cuntess, TBA..NOW!

Results are eaten, there are leftovers that the dogs' have there noses up counter-height for, thanks to all 3 enthusiastic internet masturbationists who took the time to indulge this heart-warming exercise in benevolent gustrosity.
My whim, as always, Is your low-grade entertainment. So without further interest or adieu, Below are results of the contest, the criteria presented here for your edification having been concocted on-the-fly and please, no protests or suggestions with a view to some revision of the same need be suggested or otherwise elaborated upon..(see internet masturbation).

The judge's (single, disinterested, and hungry third party) criteria were as follows:

Smack Your Mother Good

Chicken Alla Bachelor-7
Filipino Eggrolls-5

Overall Mojo

Chicken Alla Bachelor-4
Filipino Eggrolls-6


Chicken Alla Bachelor-4
Filipino Eggrolls-6

Immediate and Complete Gustatory Experience


Chicken Alla Bachelor-6
Filipino Eggrolls-6

-Satiate on all receptors on tongue (salt,sour,sweet,bitter,savory)
Chicken Alla Bachelor-3
Filipino Eggrolls-5

t o t a l s
Chicken Alla Bachelor-26
Filipino Eggrolls-28

Looks like the winner of the foray would have a total of 30 out of a possible 50, dytopiafurtdy wins with 30 pernts- pumpkinandstorm a close second and 2 points behind, with sheppard's guy-pie chicken-cheese heart-stopper (which I tweaked and was delicious and rich as FUUCK!) in third with a slopping, 26 points.

Thank you all for playing, image links as I update this and one video already out there of the winning recipe during preparation.

P.S>>> The footage I have of the egg rolls will come after editing the 5 vids together from the drunken foray. Pics on my flicker page of all dishes before 7am GMT 3 Feb.

*edit 1:39 A.M. CST 2013 Feb 4

☝ ☝ ☝ ☝ ☝ The edited egg roll excursion, complete with 2nd place fanfare-Feel free whoever would or cares to , sift away-You Tube let us back in with a yay-hoo account.

Redsky Ruby

Waddling through the ranks found a dedicated user poised for the push over the edge, 248, 249, Two-Fiddy!

Happy New Year bling to redsky, who has given us all so many hours of forgettable aside, cheers n' skol 'n shit!
New channel ideas found below

Siftbot 5.0.1

Hey, since the siftbots' so chatty unsolicited-ly-so (in the lounge especially...☎ HELLO!? ☎), maybe since there's obviously a sentient behind the veil trying desperately to wax linear while maintaining her Onanistic rouse, there can be a command for asking the thing a question like some retarded help-desk you're transferred to after holding to some canned recording????

{For all you peeps who don't know what I'm gibbering about, if you reach gold and head to the lounge, siftbot chimes-in from time to time to let you know how special YOU are (while buggering-up your connection to the lounge in doing-so....MAYBE FIX THAT?), and just how special others more fortunate than you are to be able to have their mothers take them to the arena, pay admission, and enter them in the most special Olympic function held locally in many major United States cities, and Nationally once a year.}

I'd like to get all the personal information I can on every user on this site, but would settle for effort on the part of the resident amalgorithm.

Cheers, Siftcan!

Cooking Channel Contest

In the spirit of recent non-participation on the new Videosift 5.0 (post more videos people!) and, as threatened, chingalera formerly choggie is concocting a little cooking contest.

The last contest I crafted prior to being banned again by egos now strangely absent or non-participatory was greeted with much fanfare but very few played and I ended up winning my own contest!!

The prize was a charter membership and a T-Shirt. My charter ran out abruptly when banned yet again, and the T-shirt rests folded in the bottom of a drawer (non-mothballed) folded and unworn....which brings us to the contest:

Instead of turning you chair-potatoes into videographers, we'd like recipes. Interested contestants will submit a recipe they think worthy and I shall chose three of them randomly and prepare them according to instructions, making a video of the process (perhaps I shall even edit it!) The winning dish shall be judged by a qualified third-party.

Enter the contest by submitting in a P.M. to my profile, a recipe using these guidelines:

~No desserts.

~You have to have eaten or sampled the same fare prepared according to the same recipe.

~No EPIC mealtime-type recipes (i.e. 20lbs of bacon, gallon of maple syrup, etc.) I'm poor and can't afford to waste food on gastric abortions.

The prevailing contestant will win the coveted T-shirt and 25 power points doled-out as fast as chingachoggie can resurrect deadpool videos.

Let chingalera cook for you! Then, watch him eat that which he's prepared in front of you, while you wear a tacky shirt!!

Entries must be in in before the doomsday ticker on the toppa this post runs out. Preparation begins after I recover form the New Year's festivities, earthquakes, floods, worldwide panic as Niburu passes and fucks up gravity, etc.

Holiday recipes welcome, may be your last.

Crown For King Kulpims

In the spirit of milestone commemorative on this site I would like to congratulate formally, a member here whose contributions of content, wit, and thoughtfulness assisted in fueling the patience and desire to keep this place powered-up in the event of an actual emergency, yadda, yadda.

His taste in music on par with that of any self-professed or acclaimed connoisseur, his social tactics in utterance commendable (with pleasing tone and tempo), his odor agreeable in closed-quarters.

*sniff (SNhuhuhuhugrgrgrk!), From One fine chap from Bumfuckistan to Another , Love Forever, Stay Alive For as Long As You Can Stand or Heaven Needs Buss Help....aka Choggie Kendall, esq.

Which Was The Ugliest 1st Lady in U.S. Presidential History

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A total of 16 votes have been cast on this poll.

By way of inspirational backdrop, I have always recognized an overtone of inbred in most of the first ladies from their photographs and wondered as to the whose and whys of their place beside the reason we give a fuck anyhow. Most from traceable stock, some have always struck me as downright mannish, which, given some of their husbands you can understand why there be not more than a few "suspected" carpet-climbers in the mix.

All we're aimin' at here is a consensus from gals 'n guys alike as to the most universally, un-comely of these pathetic wenches, lowly as their high estate seems yet caught in the turmoil of the parlance of their LOVE!! (or otherwise promised to for whatever inbred reason) With a man whose destiny would guide or otherwise marginally distract, the people who would be the pawns of the next century and beyond!!

I have hand-selected eight from the category that I personally think, screams ugly and runs!

I have said it before and I'll say it again, Barbara Bush is hands-down, one mannish, hard-on-the-eyes woman!

Here's some pics:

Thanks For Silver

To all y'alls, same person as choggie here, raring to play again.

Who wants us pokin' around and who don't? Like to know now before I make too many friends wanna kill me again~

Y'alll figure it out n thanks again, I like postin' shit here n love the banter. Y'all panty-knot folks need more out-of-doors time n we love y'all, too.

Rather not be all edgy n terse with some a you tenured tired-out from tryin' too hard-Rather let you children work it out before the embeds get shut the fuck down....

Fuck-all, I simply can't stay unless I can be who I was n will be.

chingaleras' choggie n'up for acceptance or dismissial as assholes with rules see fit.

Cast the first stone and make it count ya posers, yer all kin t'me!!

Apologies to mintbbb and netruiner for all the woes they wern't ready for when I pushed their buttons....(only real remorse left considering the circumcision....Cheers

(anyone with a brain knows who I was here anyhow, thanks for watching, be here all week

Using Power Beg (s)

Want to beg for stuff besides my own in beggar's canyon.
Can only beg for my own videos.
Makes it look like I'm full of myself when I want to spend free, fake money.
Mentioned it before in passing.
Can this be adjusted before anyone else like chingalera wastes more free points by begging on their own behaaaalf?

Why not be able to use the one free point afforded for whatever we want? *dead *undead *isdupeof, etc~

What does it really matter? The real question? Who does someone have to blow around here to get a reach-around?! Plenty of beggable, un-sifted videos around here to waste fake coin on besides my own ! Just saying.

Begger's Canyon Faq

Can we maybe be able to*beg for somebody elsesees submission? It's one of the few powers afforded to a newbie with one power point who would rather not jack-off in the privy to daguerreotypes of his grandmother .

Also, the "quote" thingy doesn't always function~Am I missing something?
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