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How would you guys like a *bestof .....or *nugget?

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A total of 31 votes have been cast on this poll.

I currently have 225 points and I am on my way to earning a ruby. I've spent some time contemplating what kind of channel I'd like to create and what would benefit the sift most. I have several ideas but this is by far my favorite. *bestof would be a non-system invoked channel. It wouldn't be in the channel selection list when posting a video, otherwise we'd have a lot of sarcastic/ironic *bestof assignments and preemptive delusions of grandeur. Nay, it would be awarded (by bronze star and above,perhaps) to videos that have reached or achieved a certain jena se qua.

If you guys like the idea, and lucky and dag are okay with it, we would have to discuss what constitutes a *bestof video....150 votes? 100 votes and a *quality? Once this determined criteria is met, any bronze star or above may award it with a *bestof tag and it would go to the *bestof channel. I would love to hear any criticisms, concerns, or possible conflicts that you anticipate. As with any action, there are bound to be both positive and negative consequences. I think it sounds like a fun idea tho....
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