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Real Name: Joshua H
Birthdate: March 24th, 1978 (44 years old)

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kymbos says...

Gold! I love the link. Too funny.

In reply to this comment by bleedmegood:
Tell me about it! I was having stamina problems too. It was soo embarrassing. Then me and my girlfriend found an exciting new product called Chub Rub. Now we're closer then we've been and the sex is great. Just apply a dab of Chub Rub and let the sparks fly. You can get it at this site : http:/

Jk....don't ban me...

I agree, it sux, and it seems to have gotten worse as of late.

GeeSussFreeK says...

Thanks. Funny, just the day before I felt as if I was a complete looser on the sift because I can never express myself very clearly...then I get bronzed. Life is full of irony.

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