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Swedish SF Series "Real Humans" is pretty good (Blog Post)

If you like science fiction that deals with the social and cultural implications of technological changes - you might enjoy the Swedish series Real Humans. The show takes place presumably in the near future - though don't expect lots of futuristic vehicles or settings. The only real futuristic object are the hubots themselves. They are humanoid robots that have integrated themselves into society as appliances, maids, nannies and sexual aides.

I'm only half-way through the season but it's a fun show. Not perfect - but it gets my seal of approval as quality SF that makes you think. It's showing on the local Australian network SBS, and also exists out there in the ether ... you know where.

Recovering from Our Loss

We messed up.

Big time.

We lost some tables in our main database, and discovered that our nightly backup was not taking a complete dump of all the tables.

I won't bore you with the details, but the bottom line is we've lost:
  • All votes, ever. -- [update] These have been recreated!
  • All member usernames who registered later than around 12 months ago
  • All member rankings
  • Your member profile info (e.g., bio, favorite sift, etc.), if any
  • All activity that happened on the site March 11
If you feel bad about this, believe it that we feel 100 times worse. We're putting into place measures to ensure that this can never happen again.

For the short term, we're declaring martial sift law across the community and deputized the top 40 sifters of all time to help fix things. The list of deputies is as follows:


All user accounts still exist, but for most of them the username and other account details (email address, star points, etc.) are unknown. However, the account is still associated with your posts (videos, sift talk, comments, etc.). So we've set all unknown usernames to a simple number until we can identify them.

If you are a user whose account has become some unknown number, please re-register with your original username. Then find one of your posts or comments to determine your temporary username number and post it in a comment here to have a deputy or admin fix your account.

We beseech you to stay calm during this crisis and trust that we're doing everything we can to bring the Sift back into a semblance of order.

We're sorry. Darwin bless VideoSift.

For the time being, queued videos will not be expired to your pqueue by siftbot since they are a couple days old now and have zero votes.

A good way to start repopulating things you know you voted on would be to go through all the videos you've added to your own playlists. Also check out the new "oldest medals" listing on the Top Sifts tab for a listing of just videos that have earned "top 15" medals.

We are automatically casting votes for every user on every video they've submitted so you don't have to do all those yourself.

NOTE: You will not have to start sifting from scratch. After your username is fixed, all your old videos and star points will be applied to you as before.

Help Wanted

Dear Sifters - it's come to the attention of @lucky760 and myself that we need some help. There is work to be done in our great community that gets back-burnered, support questions that go unanswered and great ideas that go unplumbed. For these reasons and more - we're looking to add one or two community managers to our official staff roster here at VideoSift. This would be a great after-hours job for someone who cares deeply about VideoSift and well ... let's be honest, is here anyway. Here are the qualities we're looking for in community managers: ... more inside ...

Heartbleed bug and encryption

So, I feel the need to ask.

When I log in, I get a popup window with no indication that I'm aware of that the transmission of my user id and password is encrypted at all.

Assuming it is encrypted, is the sift using OpenSSL and using the vulnerable version that had the heartbleed bug?


VideoSift 5.0 Launch!

It's been over three years since we've had a major number release of VideoSift. As VideoSift becomes a richer, feature-laden community - it becomes harder to change. This is inherent in all software; websites are no exception. So this is a big one. If the current exponential gap between major releases continues - we may have VideoSift 5 for the next 20 years. ;-)

So it has to be great - and I think it is. We start with almost all of the features from the previous version and add some polish - throw in a great new UI and make things work better for mobile. But wait … there's more!

@lucky760 has completely rewritten the way the code behind commenting, logging on and invocations work. It's cleaner, quicker and just plain works better.

We're also happy to add some new badges that are going to be a lot of fun - and useful.

Talent Scout:

Talent scout is awarded to Sifters who find videos that are new or not yet a big deal on the wider Internet. There's a little secret sauce in the formula but if you submit something that most people haven't seen yet, you'll be in the running for this one.


We've added a new invocation called *related. It's very simple to use. If you find a VideoSift post (and by post I mean video, Sift Talk, or blog post) with content that is related to another post, just invoke related like this: *related=

Queue Angel:

Awarded to Sifters who help out quality new videos in need, flying below the radar, and assisting new Sifters, trying to lose their P. More secret sauce here, but having Sifters working in the queue is good for the Sift and good for surfacing great videos that maybe aren't getting the love they deserve.

Other changes:
  • The maximum number of Power Points you can accumulate is based on your years of membership. E.g., 5 years on the Sift = 5 Power Points limit. You can always buy more Power Points than your limit.
  • You can now transfer your Power Points to other members, limited by the recipient’s Power Point limit.
  • If you have at least a Bronze Star, you can now submit video from any source; you are no longer limited to the list of approved hosts, and you can submit iframes from any host.
  • The most recent three *promoted videos now stay at the top of the front page. When a new video is promoted, the oldest of the top three is cycled out.
  • Blogs now reside on your profile, however they can be *promoted into Sift Talk.
  • All custom styling for channels and profiles has been reset (sorry guys). Charters can use the new profile customizer, but channels cannot be stylized for now. We'll try and get something going for this in an upcoming release.
  • We've moved channels from subdomains to sub-directories. E.g., it is now instead of
  • Likewise, we've had to remove subdomains from charter memberships, but your last known subdomain will forward to your current profile.
  • We've simplified Charter membership pricing. It’s now only $9 for 1 month and $7 for a recurring monthly subscription. You can now gift a Charter membership directly on a deserving Sifter's profile, with a single click.
  • You can expand video descriptions inline on listing pages.
  • *Amazon and all related features have been removed.

Lastly I just need to thank a few people. Thanks to Ragnar Jarve who did the incredible new design (I love the dark). Thank you to PSD2HTML who converted Ragnar's design to a responsive web app that works great on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Lastly, thanks to my partner, the inimitable @lucky760 AKA Rommel Santor for all of the development and another great release, especially when juggling a newborn bub.

We've opened up the usual bugs thread here. Please report any bugs you find while using our new VideoSift.

What Is Your Favourite Video Game Music?

Ever been playing a video game & you fall in love with some of the music you hear contained somewhere within it right there & then? I have & my two favourites are below.....Strangely enough, both of them are from the same year (1996)

ANYTHING goes here Sifters, it doesn't matter if it's opening theme, cut scene, level background music or end credits, if it's from a video game..........I want to hear it.

"A Travel Diary" - (Soul Blade)

Main Theme - (Tomb Raider)

Allow posting of video from standard URL (not embed code)

I just noticed that the VideoSift Bookmarklet allows you to automagically create a posting from some of the popular video sites (YouTube, Vimeo, College Humor, Funny or Die, Daily Motion) and I wonder why is this same functionality not added to the standard submission page?

I wouldn't mind if it was an undocumented feature, have the validate button see if its a standard URL then check if its a supported site and form the embed just like the bookmarlet does.

This is VideoSift bookmarklet page

Where's the blocked sign?

Hello. is blocked to Americans (boo!) and people already tagged it with blocked command. However, I don't see the blocked sign in my Mozilla's SeaMonkey v2.15 web browser: ...

What's up? I can see other videos their long and NSFW signs though! Am I blind with my old compound eyes?

Thank you in advance.

Unfiltered Recently Promoted? Also, my queue.

I noticed on my logged in home page, I still see videos that are unfiltered (channels) for "Recently Promoted". Is this by design or a bug? I thought the whole idea of filtered channels was to not show these even for promoted.

Also I noticed in my submission queue, I use channels that are filtered that I set, but they don't show up in the list. Is this also by design? I have to logoff/turn off cookies to see my complete sumission queue list. This flaw(?) has been around for months (probably since channel filter feature started).

Thank you in advance.

Zifnab and Ant Ascend to Galaxy Level

What comes after Crown Level? That question can finally be answered.

We're happy to announce the latest, and possibly last, star level - attainable by reaching 2,000 star points. It's an amazing achievement. In Zifnab's case that means that he has over 2,000 videos published on the Sift, and Ant is close behind him.
... more inside ...

SoCal (LA/OC) SiftUp - July 2011

We had a grand meeting of the minds at BJ's Brewery at the Brea Mall in Orange County, California, and great "Sift talk" was enjoyed by all.

In attendance were @dag (this was his first group Sift Up), @Sylvester_Ink, @Issykitty, and yours truly. (We unfortunately had a few cancellations during the week and a few last minute no-shows. )

As with all past SiftUps that I've been fortunate enough to attend, it was phenomenal to meet with fellow Internet nerds in person and get a chance to know the Sifter behind the avatar. One new policy we decided on is that as of yesterday, any member who attends a SiftUp will be awarded 1 Star Point. This is not much but a little token of appreciation from SiftBot for your participation. We hope you'll be able to make it to future SiftUps!

Here's a photo of our foursome (I'll let you figure out who's who):
... more inside ...

L.A Sift Up is On!

I'm finally going to get the chance to meet some of you people. Here are the details for next weekend's Sift Up. Please RSVP in the comments so we can reserve a table for the right size. Everyone is welcome, even if you're a scaredy-cat lurker. Come along for some fun.

BJ's Restaurant and Brewery at the Brea Mall
7PM - 'till they kick us out
Saturday July 9th

Map after the break

... more inside ...

Sorry for the Outage

We went down for about an hour - we're having issues with one of our DB servers. We're back in action now - please let us know if you experience any issues tonight/this morning.

Expected Down Time (AKA Razzleberry) Tonight

We've had a security breach and will be taking the site offline shortly and hopefully for only a couple of hours, tops. However, there may always be unexpected issues that prolong our downage. In any case, we'll be putting the site into Razzleberry mode. For you young hipsters, that's the out of control chatroom that fills the void while we deprive you of videosift.

That is all.

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