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Congratulations on PlayHousePals' Ascencion

Well - it's been a long time coming, but I'm really happy to announce that @PlayHousePal's galaxy badge is complete. My understanding is that PHP is really into baking, and this is some kind of kitchen device.

And here's my special song for PlayHousePals. I always thought that "Playhouse Pals" would make a good TV show, so this is kind of intro song for that.

Playhouse Pals Galaxy Ascension (VideoSift) from dagmaggot on Vimeo.

Thanks PlayHousePal for all of your contributions to VideoSift and enjoy the highest rank that our community has to offer - you're a galaxy now baby!

Time to start thinking about a song and icon/badge-thingy..

for our awesome @PlayhousePals! She is very close to reaching Galaxy. Please everybody, check out her pqueue (

[or arrenged by votes (thanks @oritteropo for the format.. got it formatted right for her pquque after a little mishap! ) )) (EDIT: now it is correct![]=r&o=hivotes&vmin=&vmax=&sh=&l=&n=&b=&submit=Search)

to give some extra boost!

I apologize for a messy post - it has been a while since I have done any html.. or VS posting

Congratulations to Pumkinandstorm on reaching Galaxy!

An incredible ascension - so quick that we don't quite have her new badge ready yet - but I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for all your contributions and tell you how amazed I am that you've reached this level so quickly.

We may not have your badge ready, but, as is our custom with galaxy level Sifters, I have written and performed a song in your honor. With great apologies to the Fab 4:

(and we really need to sort out that whole which one of you is a cat thing)

Celebrity Encounters (Blog Post)

This comment by @deathcow got me wondering about any run-ins with celebrities that other Sifters have had. With what celebrities have you been been in semi-close proximity and under what circumstances did the encounter take place?

Here's what comes to mind for me, and I'm not including any instances where I went somewhere specifically to see someone (e.g., at a stage show or a book signing):
  • I walked around a t-shirt store in the Venetian casino in Las Vegas with Howie Mandel during his Deal or No Deal days.
  • I was at the Beverly Center. While just my wife and I were waiting at the elevators to head back down to the garage and leave, Jimmy Kimmel and a couple of his friends stood next to us also waiting for the elevator. He was looking at me over my wife's shoulder as I whispered to her "That's the guy from that talk show," and as she turned around to look he just continued smiling at us like, "Yeah, I know you're talking about me. Go ahead and say hello." But I couldn't bring myself to do it. Finally, more people started coming to wait for the elevator (it took forever) and he walked off as not to get mobbed I guess.
  • Looking for parking at South Coast Plaza I saw Kobe Bryant getting into his car after exiting the back door of a baby store with his wife and escorted by mall security.
  • At Disneyland I was at the exit of the Matterhorn where Kobe Bryant was getting off the ride and putting his wife up on his shoulders surrounded by a couple dozen screaming fans.
  • I've said hello face-to-face with Kobe Bryant on 3 other occasions as he was walking to or from a local cafe next to where I used to have lunch every day. (He lives nearby.) One of those three times I told him something lame like "Bring home that three-peat!" That was after the end of their last back-to-back championship season, obviously.
  • I snapped a photo of my wife with Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows of CSI) at the end of a Lakers game while heading up the stairs to the exit. She made sure to tell her "You're so beautiful!" to make up for us bothering her for a picture.
  • I stood next to Elizabeth Banks at Comic Con pretending not to notice her as she was standing around talking to a couple of friends.
There's something built into me that makes me almost unable to bring myself to speak to a celebrity when I see them. I guess I just don't want to waste their time and be an annoyance, and I know they don't care that I recognize them.

Via Dangerous Minds: France’s ARTE TV called British art-house auteur Peter Whitehead: “Che Guevara with a camera.” Throughout the 1960s, Whitehead always managed to find himself in the right place... continue reading

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