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Boston Tea Party

So, many say the Boston Tea Party was about raising taxes. I had followed that hype at one point for whatever reason. But then I followed the liberal reasoning. Tea was dumped overboard because of LOWER taxes! Wow... So conservatives are wrong? Yes!

Then I realized conservatives are actually right--but for reasons completely beyond their claims. See, the Tea Party people think the event was started by raised taxes...

So let me explain how a revolution born of lower taxes is really about higher taxes. I know most liberals will say "But technically we are right!!!" And so true. Logically you might be right, but logic doesn't always run the world, does it?

We all know that taxes come in many forms and most are disguised. "Fees," "Services," etc. All and all, taxes are the reallocation of wealth from one individual by the government to the government or other people dictated by or for the government. (Hopefully you are confused enough for me to manipulate you.)

Now, the trade wars years ago, including tea, were fought unfairly. The East India Trading Company was given tax-exempt status for their tea and; therefore, a strong advantage over their rivals in America (And, therefore further, their rival's money.) This trading of wealth, from the colonies to the East India Trading Company, were what sparked the revolution--not lower prices or lower taxes, but unfair taxes that resulted in lost money.

As I have said--you could argue that market manipulation is no tax at all. And I am sure monopolies are happy to thank you for choosing their sides in that debate, but why?

If I charge you 30% on your goods, but charge Wal-Mart 15%, and you lose 50% of your business because of my taxation, wouldn't you assume the government took your wealth and gave it to Wal-Mart (Therefore a transfer of your wealth. Therefore a tax IMO.)

Now unleash the dogs of war...

Why you should be republican

Okay, so you are a republican. Great. That's why you should be a republican.

But say you are a democrat. An enemy of the R-party (@NetRunner.) Why would you be behind the enemy lines? Oh wait, because you can affect the most change from behind the enemy lines? Yes! Let's say you really fear Michele Bachmann. Problem is--she is a serious contender. But let's say you like Mitt or, better, Ron Paul... (@Yogi like I said, honesty right now is more important than actual policy...) Well, to bad because you are stuck voting within your party!

But why not get two votes? You know who will win the democrat's nomination, and even if he doesn't win, it will be someone better than Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry... So vote against them--twice. Once in the republican race, and once in the primary. Two for one. Then after the elections, switch back. I have asked @Duckman33 and although he hasn't committed, I think we agree there might be some reason behind this...

Think on this too. Ralph Nader sucked the votes from Al Gore. So why not put dupe accounts in the republican ranks? It's the same concept as to why you would create dupe accounts on the Sift... Not that anyway would; but it's a great concept when thinking tactics.

Can anyone tell me why this is a bad idea? And yet another great point--you can still support your candidate financially too!

Yes, I am pro-Paul. No, I don't think he will win. But every vote is leverage against the $$$'s that control our nation. Also, if elected, Paul's "extreme" policies will never get voted in. You will have the troops back per the commander in chief's orders but no gold standard. Pot laws not enforced from the federal level but still no tremendous cuts in medicare and medicade (Which Paul has said he wouldn't got for...) Abortion? He is against it, but he is pro-choice... Gay marriage? Freedom first baby! The only issue he won't be able to solve is having trials for War Crimes

So, yeah. I love Paul. But A-Every vote emboldens others like him. Rewarding honesty has its perks. B-You get what you want both ways. Two votes really. C-A blow to your enemy.

And if you vote for a different republican, that's fine too. Siphon the votes from who you cannot stand.

@dystopianfuturetoday < Just think on it.

See, us democrats, we want to change the world but argue about how to do it so much that we change together for a change, take a plan and use it.

Need more channels

So we have an *undead channel, which fills in the missing U's... What we need is a channel to represent the missing few left. Q, X and Y. The Y channel is easy--Yuk...for all the shit you cannot unsee... Q is harder, but it could be quit--as in someone marks the post as *quit because, to us voters, it sucks and you need to quit.

X is the hard one. We could just label it X... Mysterious...

Private chat in the sift lounge?

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A total of 28 votes have been cast on this poll.

Talking in the Sift Lounge is great, I like to frequent there when I can. But when there are 9 of us it get's crowded as all get out. "When everything is amplified, we hear nothing," John Stewart...

So why not allow members to post messages that only appear for one member at a time? This would stop the, "I want to continue a specific conversation with a member...and I want to stay on Sift Chat. But, I can't do it without interrupting everyone can I?"

If anyone has ever played Evony--you know what I am talking about. You just put in their names (Or right-click them) with certain symbols (I suck at computer lingo) and it sends the message to that one person.

Wage disparity?


(As I wrote this, my wife got a Law-Dee special foot massage...)

I keep hearing how much wage disparity there is between male and female. However, I would like to note a few things that are disengenous about those statistics (And likewise every other statistic.)

My wife and I both had the same education level, both worked the same amount of hours and both did similar work.

My wife had a salary of about 28,800... I made about 42,000. Now, that would be factored into the gender gap and, not surprisingly, Mr. Dawdee would come away far wealthier than Mrs. Deedaw. After all, it's all about those bucks per hour isn't it?

Yet, she got daycare for our two children at her work (At 150 a pop per week for our neighborhood that's 1200 a month or 14,400 a year.) So, she made about 43,200...or I made 27,600 if I had to pay the daycare...

Either way, now my wife is making more because of the "Perks..." Trust me, I wasn't complaining !

Now, add to that the tax deductions she could claim, a company car, and we add about 5K more. But in stats that doesn't matter does it?

Truthfully though, I did have better insurance than her, so that may have evened out the 5K in perks... But again, she only needed to apply herself a bit more and she could have increased her salary by about 13K a year--I could not do that myself in my career.

More women have benefits like daycare at work then men (Of course that's speculation, I admit, because "conveniently" no one has stats for that...) Of course these benefits don't calculate into raw salary. And "conveniently" neither is the part-time versus full-time calculated--which is huge.

I just used my wife and I as an example of how skewered statistics could be. I know there is real wage discrimination and this post in no way disputes or marginalizes it; however, it does make me wonder how inaccurate studies can be. I know women are kept down in jobs so they cannot rise.

I just think the truth lies somewhere in the middle--women are discriminated against, but not as much as we like to make it out to be.

Now, if anyone brings info to the table I would be happy to look it over and, if it proves a point, I will gladly change my perspective. The sites I have been to are so biased as to make my head hurt. Either man bashing or woman bashing. I am tired of that. I think women should be afforded every opportunity as men. But afforded is all...

Of course this is in America! I don't know or speak for women in other countries...

Death or dismemberment? Meh.

Okay, so I figure we should share some stories in a competition-style Death Sift Talk post. Who knows the most amount of people grievously injured and/or deceased by interesting circumstances? These circumstances cannot be something common (Cancer, car wreck, etc.) However, if you have some freakish circumstances leading up to that--go ahead and use that.

I will start. And note, I use levity to coup with my life. Nothing in here is meant to offend or belittle these people or circumstances. If I didn't laugh, I would cry.

Major--I knew a Sergeant in the Army who was in a Humvee. I had tried to jump on his Humvee because it had a padded bench in the back, but there was no space left. So, complaining, I hopped into the hard-seat Humvee behind his own. Then the lead was blown up by a landmine. Fuck the padded seats!

Well, that was common enough. But everyone on that Humvee survived And so a few days later the sergeant was sent home to see his family. When his chopper took off, it was shot down and crashed immediately. His best friend, right in front of him, died; he lived.

So, he get's back and has a stroke. He lives... As far as I know, he still lives today.

Major--My sister died of heart problems. Common? Yes... But she had been switched at birth and was our sister from then on. Through sickness and in death she was the best sister I could have asked for.

Minor--A friend of mine shot himself in the hand

Major/Minor--A friend of mine chopped off his finger with a mechanical wood saw. He was pretty "chipper" about the ordeal... He made like 30 jokes.

Minor/Major--A boss got cancer in her eye and now has no left eye...

Major--A friend of mine (Notice something about my friends?) was run over by a bulldozier and lost his leg... And here I thought he was douching out on me the whole time. But it turned out he had a good excuse after all.

Minor--I shot three people at one time Yay. I was training in my Army days and shot the rebar, which broke the bullet into three pieces. It hit the person to my right in the forehead. The instructor next to me in her chest. And the one to her left in her chest too. They all survived.

***As I said, use things that are rare... or circumstances that are rare... The winner get's a hug from me (But I wouldn't take it... never know what might happen.)

If I win--ah, someone decides to hug me...again, I wouldn't if I were me

And this post is dedicated to AdrianBlack

Awesome Cat-Lover Post

Okay, so I went online and found this *quality Craigslist post. I rolf-ed twice, and you should too. The picture of the cat was of it flicking off the camera. Just picture the writer writting an ad on Craigslist. Don't come between man and pet, ever.

"My girlfriend said the cat has to be gone by 12:00 tomarrow. She left a little while ago to hang with her friends. I put all her crap on the lawn and will try my best to find her a new home but if not there is always the shelter.

So what we have here is one mildly attractive yet bitchy soon to find out she is a homeless exgirlfriend. She is somewhat house broken (but i think she is still connected to her mom by the umbilical cord). She is in her midtwenties and is NOT SPAYED (though she usually takes the pill) Lot of life left in this one. She is up to date on her shots and is great with dogs and small children, but does not seem to get along well with cats. She is playfull and bathroom trained (If takeing over every inch of horizontal surface with her stuff in the place is house broken. Then she is the Queen of house brokeness!!!) She has somewhat of a special diet though i never figured it out fully, but pretty much it is dictated by what ever her closes friend of that week is into (Raw, vegan, atkins, hostes) You get the picture. She will be comeing with a whole lot of stuff!! (If it is still there when she comes home, but when iam done here Iam heading right over to the free section so maybe not) There will not be a rehoming fee (As a matter of fact i got $34 cash if you can get her tonight, If you need more we can hit the atm unless you have paypal then we have lots of options)

The main reason Iam rehoming her is becuase she moved in about 9 months ago, and for three months everything was great, but then she started bitching about my cat. My cat has lived with me for 11 years since he was abandoned in my yard at about 3 weeks old, and i had too bottle feed him and teach him how to do everything a cool male should know (hunt, nap, play, hide, chirp like a bird. how to use a litter box!! This was the most challenging as i did not know how to use one myself. That made for some awkward moments) In other words Misdemeanor and I have been kicking it for a long time, and if she thinks I would even consider kicking him to the curb. Well need i say more?

I may put her up for auction on ebay tonight if my lawyer gives me the okay."

Snuff versus non-snuff

What makes snuff snuff and not snuff not snuff? It seems to me that the process is 100% arbitrary and therefore 50% biased. I ask, because I posted a video in response to all the people who seemingly hate cops. I am not mad that my video was deemed snuff. In fact, I should not have gotten into the dick-bigger-than-yours game and for that I lowered my own standards. For that I apologize. To be clear, my video was snuff.

To those who had respectful additions to that discourse, thank you. And to the one who lessened the loss of human life, lessened the systematic execution of a man, regardless of badge, I can't say I was shocked. Sadened, but not shocked.

First, here are videos I would say are 100% cases of snuff. That doesn't mean they are snuff, just that they depict the loss of life, and that they fail to meet anywhere near the FAQ portion in the videos.
^Nothing redeeming about that one. Is it not snuff because it got 109 votes? There's no discussion here at all and that's something that Lucky760 noted was kind of required. To paraphrase, "Furthermore, there is no discussion or debate to be had; the video just says "watch this guy murder..."
^The defense for this is that it is "a newsworthy event." Unfortunately, the critera is that it must be an "informative news report." This was not. The victim was the "peacemaker?" News to me *rolls eyes* What, cops abuse power? News to me *rolls eyes* What? A lawsuit?... To me this is snuff, albeit popular snuff, but snuff nevertheless.

It also isn't really something that adds to debates/dicussions. Pretty much everybody either said, "Cop was a murderer," or "Cop was a dumbass." Nothing really added.
^The video in question that I posted was, if you want the outside link,
Like I said, my video was snuff, regardless of how informative it might have been and, in hindsight, regardless of if it fell into the guidelines of the FAQ; but then too are the others. Some sifters noted that the screams made my video snuff, but again, whether the man was shot without noise or with, I don't think he cares. Does it make a difference to the guy lying on his back when a bullet tears through his spine, or splits open his head? Or the woodcutter as he smashes into the ground face first? I doubt it. And it doesn't make a difference in the other videos either.

(What you don't know is that the officer was admonished (A subtle threat) for pulling his weapon to defend himself in a previous incident just a few days ago. And, I can't say I blame him for being timid--he had to provide for an 18 month old daughter and a wife. Since he had already been threatened about force his hands were pretty hobbled--and that, despite what people say, is not what cops "sign up for.")

Sorry all, this discussion is mostly to blow off steam and note my opinion. Thanks for suggesting this format Sagemind--it has helped.

I must note that this post is definitely not to get my video back up (Hell, I didn't even want the votes, I just wanted to point out hypocrisy at it's finest.) And I definitely am not gainsaying the rules--they are what they are and everyone must respect them. Ironic huh? Even when the rules are against me, I still advocate for them... But at the same time, I don't like one side or the other hobbled in a discourse... Yet, that is life, and I have experienced far worse.

Everyone with a respectful opinion--thanks and I apologize for that post.
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