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Can we get a Windows 8.1 live tile?


The code insertion seems simple enough. Microsoft seems to have done most of the work already. The only thing left to do would be to decide what to display.

If this is a possibility, may I suggest displaying the top 10 videos or the #1 video and currently promoted videos?

Option "Quote Previous" vs blanket "Quote All" we have now

In a recent thread of comments at the following link(( http://videosift.com/video/Christian-Bakery-Denies-Service-to-Gay-Couple )) I enjoyed reading the mudslinging as usual. But, very quickly, everything became dis-interesting.

Not because it wasn't still a witch hunt for homophobes, because there was simply TOO MUCH QUOTING! Stacks upon stacks upon stacks of blocked off text for one person's post were simply making the page more difficult to read.

This problem was only made worse when person A quotes person B who also quoted person C, etc. In those cases, it's almost a repeating of nearly the entire conversation and really isn't needed (often).

Here's my suggestion: when it comes to a thread like that can we create two options for quoting:

Quote Previous - Only the most recent comment is repeated in the new comment.
Quote All - threads of conversation can continue as they have been stacking quotes upon quotes if that's what you wish so that new tangents in the conversation can form.


So when I got to Videosift in my start-up tabs this morning

I know the site needs to make money w/ ads blah blah blah but...can they be... maybe... less obtrusive?

It's like that every time I open the page, and I can't see any way to close the ad.

[EDIT] Obtrusive is too kind; it's been several minutes of trying to get rid of it and its landscape domination of the front page refuses to die. What's next? Ads that scroll in from the either side of the screen telling me how much I won?

Shout out to anyone planning on playing Guild Wars 2

I've been really pumped about playing Guild Wars 2 for a while now. If you haven't heard much about the game, I'd check out the following beginner's guide to what's what in the world of GW2: http://www.guildwars2journal.com/_/general-guides/beta-weekend-beginners-guide-r149

In a nutshell, I feel like the game will be everything I like'd about WoW, minus a LOT of the stuff I truly hated about that game (subscription fees being at the top of the list [yes GW2 is a free MMO after purchase]).

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for GW2 is being overshadowed by Diablo III coming out mid-May. D3 has eclipsed my usual gamer entourage's attentions for GW2, leaving me out in the cold to find a new troop to play with. Honestly, I'll probably still play D3 with my buddies that I've known for most of my life, but I'm too excited about the possibilities in GW2 to pass it up. I've already pre-purchased so I can play in the beta, and I'm looking for others to hop onboard with me.

Any takers?

Should videosift.com help fight SOPA by going black on 1/18/12???

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A total of 70 votes have been cast on this poll.


"We [Reddit] will be blacking out reddit on January 18th from 8am–8pm EST (1300–0100 UTC).
Instead of the normal glorious, user-curated chaos of reddit, we will be displaying a simple message about how the PIPA/SOPA legislation would shut down sites like reddit, link to resources to learn more, and suggest ways to take action."
Reddit.com is in.

"Hi Jonathan,
If such an action was organized I'm almost sure we'd [Bluesnews.com] participate." -email response, I've replied to them with the reddit link
Bluewsnews.com is in.

Awaiting responses from others I've contacted.

However you feel about the sites going black and displaying activism information, please PLEASE PLEAAAAAAASE, post links to raise awareness about SOPA on your respective social media outlets.

p.s. videosift.com in?

The "One Album Per Sifter" Quest

I'm on the hunt for new music. I need something that's new to me and want a band/sound that is going to go further than one song that's ok with the rest being "meh."

So I turn to you sifters; list one album either new or old that you know you can listen to all the way through.

Some guidelines:
--Post a track listing here
--Post one or two (small) embeds so fellow music seekers can get a feel for what the band is like
--Post a short explanation of why you like said album

I'll make the first post below but I'm really looking forward to seeing what people come up with

Please tell me you're storing our UN/PW in an encrypted form

The Star Wars Galaxies website was hacked over the weekend and while I feel sorry for the users, it's especially troubling to here that they, just like Sony, stored a lot of their information in an unencrypted way.

I don't know how we store user info here, and I doubt we'd be the target of any hacking group because we're so awesome , but can I/we have some re-assurances about security?

Why I hate the sarcasm button, and won’t be using it.

The first time I really got to know my roommate was over the breakup of his girlfriend which also happened to be the first time he asked me for advice.

“Here’s the problem,” he said. Chris was a lanky kid with blonde frazzled hair, a year or two into his twenties. He was two years younger than me but we were graduating at the same time, partly because I took a year and a half off because of finances, but I also always thought he had a good head on his shoulders until this.
“Well,” he stammered, “We’ve been broken up for almost two weeks now. She’s even seeing this asswad (I loved the way he turned a phrase too) named Billy Bob. I mean, what the fuck kind of name is Billy Bob? It’s like I’ve been dumped for a hick cartoon character.”

“Ok, so…you want to get back together with her or… what’s the problem exactly?” I asked.
“Well she’s sick and she wanted me to bring her some soup. She sounded like she was on her death bed or something when she called me and no I don’t want to get back together with her but we’re still supposed to be friends. The problem is I don’t want to elevate our friendship any higher than just friends. Where is the line exactly? Should I care that she took the time to call me? What if I just went and got some soup and like left it on her doorstep? Would that be a good go-between? How shou—“

“Stop! STOP!!!” I yelled. “Just stop right there. You’re becoming one hellofa great big pussy. You know that?” I said very matter of factly.
... more inside ...

Post your desktop!

What does your desktop reveal about you? Maybe nothing, maybe everything, though probably neither because all or nothing statements are logical fallacies; which is itself an all inclusive statement...*head explodes*
Anyway post your desktop, here's mine:

bigger version here: http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/6298/desktopih.jpg

People people people!!!
While the background you're using on your desktop is sufficient, the spirit of this post was geared more toward your computer desktop, not the background itself. I'll take the scraps from your table, but I think it's justifiably more interesting when people share what their entire desktop looks like, icons and all.

Scavenger hunts for merchandise? meh. Fix the quotes!!!

A wiser man than myself once said:

Comment by Dag:

I've said it before- VideoSift is about the people who come here to participate, and the amazing videos that we get to see are just a pleasurable side effect.

Not to sound like a cranky old man, but I've also seen the rise and decline of hot young Sift type sites that don't focus on the community - ultimately they have all been corrupted by one thing or another. Over-commercialisation, porn, or just general neglect.


Please note that I changed the link from the original quote from Dag to reflect one a little more fitting for an aspect of the site that is being neglected imho.

>>>FIX THE QUOTES<<< (please)

IMPORTANT: Gawker Comment Accounts Compromised

This morning I received the following email:

This weekend we discovered that Gawker Media's servers were compromised,
resulting in a security breach at Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jezebel,
io9, Jalopnik, Kotaku, Deadspin, and Fleshbot. As a result, the user name
and password associated with your comment account were released on the
internet. If you're a commenter on any of our sites, you probably have
several questions.

We understand how important trust is on the internet, and we're deeply
sorry for and embarrassed about this breach of security. Right now we
are working around the clock to improve security moving forward. We're
also committed to communicating openly and frequently with you to make
sure you understand what has happened, how it may or may not affect you,
and what we're doing to fix things.

This is what you should do immediately: Try to change your password in
the Gawker Media Commenting System. If you used your Gawker Media
password on any other web site, you should change the password on those
sites as well, particularly if you used the same username or email with
that site. To be safe, however, you should change the password on those
accounts whether or not you were using the same username.

We're continually updating an FAQ (http://lifehac.kr/eUBjVf) with more
information and will continue to do so in the coming days and weeks.

Gawker Media

You are receiving this email because your email
address was associated with a Gawker Media user
account. We are using this list only for the
purpose of sending you this important notification.

Unsubscribe from this list:

Our mailing address is:
Gawker Media
210 Elizabeth St
Floor 4
New York, New York 10012


I confirmed it on the Gizmodo site and Lifehacker. Also sent it to Bluesnews, I wonder if he'll publish it soon.

Silly me I thought "I'm not a member of any of those sites! But I checked my emails and around the time Gizmodo was under attack b/c of the iPhone 4 that was found in a bar, I wanted to say something in support of the journalist (silly me), and OF FUCKING COURSE to say anything I had to make an account. So yay! I get to change all my passwords now!

Are you more or less likely to purchase Sun Chips because of their new bag?

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  (17 votes)

A total of 27 votes have been cast on this poll.

^That's annoying, vote option 2 got cut off. Should read "...brings back memories of the 'Moment of hate' from 1984."

I am all for 'greener' everything. And when Sun Chips decided they were coming out with compostable bags, my initial thought was "Well, i know this is just a bit of corporate marketing at work but at least they're doing some good."

That was until heard the new bags...To those who have not heard it, be warned the noise output of these little 1x2 foot receptacles sounds like a giant aluminum foil tarp blowing in high winds.

While picking up groceries today, I stopped and pondered my choices. In one hand, I held my old standby "Baked Lays," the chips that had captured my heart before I was introduced to the devils addiction that is "Harvest Cheddar." In the other hand, every minute movement wracked my ears with cricks and crackles, each of which made me shudder a little. My wife called to me gently "Pick some damned chips already so we can get the hell out of this isle!"

And it was at that moment, I made a decision, not based on taste, or value (the Sun Chips were actually CHEAPER), or compostability. I made a decision based solely on the idea that "I hate how loud this fucking bag is."

Feel free to judge me, but Sun Chips have made a decision, and so have I.



Here are the basics of what Google and Verizon are proposing:

1. Under their proposal, there would be no Net Neutrality on wireless networks -- meaning anything goes, from blocking websites and applications to pay-for-priority treatment.

2. Their proposed standard for "non-discrimination" on wired networks is so weak that actions like Comcast's widely denounced blocking of BitTorrent would be allowed.

3. The deal would let ISPs like Verizon -- instead of Internet users like you -- decide which applications deserve the best quality of service. That's not the way the Internet has ever worked, and it threatens to close the door on tomorrow's innovative applications. (If RealPlayer had been favored a few years ago, would we ever have gotten YouTube?)

4. The deal would allow ISPs to effectively split the Internet into "two pipes" -- one of which would be reserved for "managed services," a pay-for-pay platform for content and applications. This is the proverbial toll road on the information superhighway, a fast lane reserved for the select few, while the rest of us are stuck on the cyber-equivalent of a winding dirt road.

5. The pact proposes to turn the Federal Communications Commission a toothless watchdog, left fruitlessly chasing consumer complaints but unable to make rules of its own. Instead, it would leave it up to unaccountable (and almost surely industry-controlled) third parties to decide what the rules should be.

If you havn't told the FCC why we need Net Neutrality yet please do it now: http://savetheinternet.com/fcc-comments

The Gulf Oil Spill has made it's way onto The Sift!!!

As you can witness for yourself here, the oil spill must have made it's way into the water cooling system installed on the Videosift servers.

As Dag and Lucky break out the Dawn dish soap to clean off an oil soaked Siftbot, BP has assured us that the spill is well within their area of expertise and is encouraging dissenters to drink local water in copious amounts.

For more details on the particulars of those effected click here.

Update: Apparently the geniuses at Firefox have found a way to stop the spill through the use of Adblock Plus and Flash block. Those using Internet Explorer may still be affected by the spill though.

What do you think about this idea for the Sift Lounge??? ((see description))

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A total of 27 votes have been cast on this poll.

_____In discussions with Gwiz today I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Sift Lounge wasn't sucked into a black hole caused by the Large Hadron Collider as I previously thought. The button simply went missing and I missed the memo. I ventured a guess at the cause of the lounge gone missing since well...people didn't really go there often. It was (is) a bit slow and unreliable (and you frequently have to refresh the whole page to avoid "locking").

_____Still I missed it a bit. It's nice to be able to chat with fellow sifters and have a place to shamelessly promote turtles having sex slowly and the like. But I digress, let me cut to the chase. I have an interesting idea for revitalizing the sift lounge. Remember that show on VH1 called "Pop Up Video"?? If you don't I've posted an example of "Smooth Criminal" below.

_____I imagined a stream of videos, playing one at a time with others waiting in a queue, that looked similar to Pop Up Videos. The big difference here would of course be that sifters would be supplying the "Pop Ups." If we played the top 15 videos in a loop for 24 hours perhaps people could upvote "pop ups" and the higher ranked pops would take priority in a specific time slot in the video. The details are still a bit fuzzy but I would love some input before I rush off to the copyright office and start my own video site *cough, or i can take 10% of the profits, cough*

_____Let me know what you think in the comments and via the votes. And for those of you who dont know what a Pop Up Video is I've provided one below:

For all the Gamers on the Sift - Steam Sale

There is a HUGE sale on steam right now. A ton of games of all varieties are on sale up until July 4th. I myself am picking up a few that I didn't feel like spending $50 for but will gladly pay $5 (Ghostbusters the Videogame)
(Ok so it's actually $6.79 but it made for a good sentence)
Check out the sale! http://store.steampowered.com/

Also, Gwiz sucks at Battlefield Bad Company. If anyone with some skill wants to throw a gauntlet down in that game let me know.

Need a bit of advice for data recovery services *URGENT*

Long story short, my wife's Powerbook G4 is about 3-4 years old and recently started shutting down. Me being the computer nerd that I am told her to back up her stuff and disconnected my external hard drive and brought it over and set it on her desk. That was Sunday. Suddenly today the powerbook wont boot up past the white apple logo and the load screen is accompanied by a "click - click - click" from the insidsers. After not believing that all her data was probably lost on the hard drive I popped the OS disk in and showed her that the hard drive wasn't functional anymore (the SMART monitoring listed the drive status as "Failed."

After an acusitory fight brought on by the stress of her losing all of her graduate work/music/pictures and my "Told you to back that shit up a week ago!" attitude (i know it was really only two days but I still feel justified) the data loss is sinking in and she's realizing what she lost. I told her as a last resort we could scope out some data recovery software or send the hard drive off to a service that handles these things. Can anyone reccomend a service that has worked for them? I dont think software is an option at this point but any advice is warmly welcomed.

Also, please pardon the siftpost, I'm a poor bastard now and consequently dont have a blog to go with my account anymore.
Many thanks in advance!

Should *notquality be an invocation?

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  (2 votes)
  (30 votes)
  (7 votes)

A total of 42 votes have been cast on this poll.

I've noticed with increasing frequency that some videos are posted then deemed *quality but perhaps don't deserve such distinction. Quality invocations are, in my mind, a problem because of two things:
1) *quality seems to be much more effective than *promote ever was (or is), making promoting a bad deal since they both cost one powerpoint
2) Multiple members promoting multiple videos wasn't a problem because it just added a new video to the top of the list, quality invoked videos take the place of another video that might be just as deserving of attention

To avoid abuse I propose making *notquality cost 1 power point as well. Just an idea worth consideration, feel free to trash my suggestion altogether but I still wanted some feedback.

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