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I'm back! What channel to choose?

So, after a to long a hiatus from Videosift I'm ready to use my ruby-powers for the betterment of humankind. I will do this by creating a horrendous style sheet for a channel, but the which one?

I have heard requests for a *fantasy channel which I could preside over. I've also got my sights on a *europe channel with videos about European politics and matters.

Any other suggestions?

Numbers in Nicks. What's the Deal?

I couldn't help but notice the number of sifters who have numbers in their usernames. Is this a relic from the usernames people had on their first hotmail accounts back in '95? Surely, VideoSift isn't so large as to warrant adding numbers behind your username to make it unique? What's the story here?

I understand that the numbers in usernames such as Thinker247 and Farhad2000 can carry some meaning other than a birth date or other arbitrary number, but what about all the other numbers out there?
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