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Should we be able to downvote siftbot ?

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A total of 10 votes have been cast on this poll.

Pretty self explanitory.

After years and years of not being able to downvote the siftbot or graterbot ( who is in fact greater, all hail graterbot ! ) I have not been able to downvote those user names.

I hereby call upon the sift to voice their Yes, No or ???

If we come together and voice ourselves, apparently the sift listens. LET'S MAKE THEM LISTEN ! ! ! ! DOWNVOTES FOR ALL ! ! Siftbot is not a bot, it is a user with bot like powers.


Zawash has recently gained the RUBY level.

We shall all acknowledge this achievement and raise a toast to Zawash.

I would ask that Zawash explain his/her nickname choice.

Let us all engage Zawash for this notable accomplishment.

Where are my keys?

Where have you found your keys when you were looking for them ??

Mine have been lost for a couple days but now it is starting to annoy me, before I rip this place apart and actually do a (sigh) spring cleaning.. WHERE MIGHT MY KEYS BE ?

I live in a small apartment and have a small routine and a small area to lose them in, yet. I can not find them.

Obviously YOU do not know where MY keys are, but any experience in this key finding adventure might help me. We have all done this, I just have not done it recently.

WHERE OH WHERE IN THE FOOK DID I PUT THEM?? I have looked "everywhere" my sisters car, my car.. I should mention I go out my patio so I actually do not lock my front door, last time I did that was around a week ago. I fool people with the back door faux entrance. And my killer rabbit is here to protect the property.

Fuck Canada Post

Fuck Canada Post.

They do not have proper complaint procedures or applicable ways to complain.

They do not deliver the item I paid for delivery - only place a pick up the next day slip

this happens to hundreds of thousands of people over the years.

Did I mention they do not have proper contact procedures ? Facebook, twitter or on the phone.

Close canada post, it is obvious they can not fulfill the arrangements I paid for, this is years of it happening, DHL, PUROLATOR, or UPS. Canada post can not survive any longer.

HEAR ME ! those assholes are not listening.

Is it so hard to ask? so hard for you to do ?

Why not put the length of your video submission into the proper field and save someone else from having to do it. Knowing a videos length plays a huge part in having someone watch it.

If you have not noticed you have to edit the videos length when you are entering the information fields. Quit being so damn lazy eh !

That is all.

Potato Soup Recipe

Does anyone have a note worthy Potato Soup recipe ? ? I got a hankering to make me some of that yummy thick bacon bit topped starch laden tuber vegetable goodness.

I want your recipe if you think it is the bees knees.

Channel creation

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Do you think it is a good idea to willfully make a videosift channel if you have absolutely no interest in moderating said channel ? Likewise, if you are not sticking around to take care of it.

is it okay to create a videosift channel knowing full well you ( theoretical owner ) are not going to fulfill the terms and conditions set forth in the Frequently asked questions area, regarding channel ownership and all it encompasses ?

it is a yes no question, no grey area here.

Do you celebrate your birthday?

I just wrote something in a message that dawned a question I had for others.

Do you celebrate your birthday ?

and Why do you celebrate your birthday?

seems like a no brainer to some people but not so much to some others.

** Oh, and if you do or others do for you, how is it done ? what do you do ? what happens ?

I do not know what channel to put this in so talks gets it.


So I noticed that as a channel operator I have to maintain order that siftalk posts within the *audio channel must be about it or whatnot. SO ! There are no sifttalk posts about *audio.

Here is the first one.

I dunno, hows it going with *audio, what do you think of its being around.

Pet owners

If you get your dog/cat a rabies or whatnot shot, and you get the little tag with the "dog id number" maybe be smarter than the piece of metal it is imprinted on and make the call number YOUR NUMBER not the vet who did the shot.

I was walking back from the store when the little dog I seen in the alley comes just barreling at me with its five inch legs wetter than water and scared shitless by the (fantastic) thunder and lightening going off like explosions overhead. Looked at the tags, figured I could get it home. It being Saturday and the numbers are all saying " our office is closed " . So this really piss' me off someone would be that careless with their dog and to have no immediate home phone on the tag/collar just exacerbated that.

So now I have a dry dog, I am still pissed off and I have to wait two hours for the Animal Shelter to open up.

Just a thought ya know, I guess some people do not think ahead like that. Maybe you will now ?


** and its one of those punched in face ugly dogs.. at least it has not barked, it is friendly.

What do you do for work ?

Just wondering what people do with their day.

If you do not work Like I had not for months and months..months prior to this month or the month before

Tell me what you had done last or what you do as a profession.

G'damn clicking Mice

Do any of you know of a mouse that does not CLick or tick or make any damn sound at all when you press the buttons ?

I have been sitting in silence for a couple minutes and this clicking is just absurd. Surely someone has a product out there that does not make any sounds, beside the gentle rolling thunder the mouse wheel creates.

Link me up please. Or just shoot the shit, whatever bro its all good.

BoneRemake presents : *audiosift

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A total of 49 votes have been cast on this poll.

Jumping through Hoop #1

This is a pretty self explanatory channel description, if you require further assistance, I will be out of the country for a couple days on big business, my secretary will help you out.

Mr B to the R.

What Joints can you crack?

I have a F'ed up body.

I can at will crack my:

All toes
all fingers
my neck
most of my back, possibly all ( I am not a bonologist)
my elbows
my wrists
my tail bone
both knee's ( thats a long painful story)

my ankles

What on your body makes you go Snap,Crackle, Pop ? ? ?
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