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The Truth About Pumped Hydro | Real Engineering

Lessons from 2,000+ Interviews with Broken People

Fully Unwrapped - Dairy Queen

An medical biller explains why we pay so much for healthcare

wtfcaniuse says...

Surprised the markup isn't a lot more TBH. The cost of childbirth alone should be a national disgrace.

There are only two countries in the world that allow drug advertising on TV. One of them is admired and often shown as an example of good leadership, the other is the USA.

Joe Biden : A Threat To Everyone

wtfcaniuse says...

Yeah he's so much worse than a President who lied for months about how bad Covid was and knew that wearing masks would save tens of thousands of lives.

More on point how about Trump appointing a stooge to the head of the EPA, removing countless restrictions, reducing the size of national monuments, allowing mining of national monuments and then donating $100k to the National Parks service "To repair and restore national monuments".

bobknight33 said:

What a POS.

Joe go back to you basement.

Covid, Facts, Fake news Debunked

Democrats For Violence

wtfcaniuse says...

What is The Deal with your Weird random Capitilization bOb?

Is this Bob #4 or #17?

What has Trump done that is "great"? Still waiting for an answer. Bob #2 might not have attached the new cover sheet to his report from the other day, ask him if he saw the memo about it.

bobknight33 said:

American people are fed up of the Democrat party.

Funny Democrats say this Violence is Trumps America. Reality is that this is all in Democrat controlled area.

Democrats are a Total Fail.

Democrats know Biden will lose

wtfcaniuse says...

Bob, stop watching shit on YT, stop watching TV, stop using your phone. Start using your brain and come up with an opinion yourself rather than parroting whatever random shit you just watched without critically thinking about it.

So far you haven't had an actual opinion on anything, you haven't had a conversation about anything. You just spout one liners and then post some other fucking trash. You're a joke.

Settled Science At The Guardian


Police Slashing Tires At Protests

wtfcaniuse says...

"State Patrol troopers strategically deflated tires to keep vehicles from being used in attacks, and so we could tow the vehicles later for collection of evidence if necessary,"

toferyu said:

Ok somebody explain the logic to me .......... #WTF

Jack - Michigan - Republican Voters Against Trump

wtfcaniuse says...

Republicans against trump released one of the best political ads I've ever seen.

To be fair a lot of republicans are just trying to save face for the party after realising what a fucking epic shitshow they've caused. If they truly had a conscience and morals they would have voted to impeach.

Rayshard Brooks shooting police bodycam footage

wtfcaniuse says...

That's right Fox is fake news now as well isn't it.

There is video evidence of the kick, are you saying it is CGI?

The police always have the discretion of whether on not they pull the trigger.

bobknight33 said:

100% false

Obliviously you watch fake news. You are the pusher of hate an lies. Learn truth not push lies blindly.

O.C.- The Florida Of California

O.C.- The Florida Of California

wtfcaniuse says...

I don't think American hospitals would give up an opportunity to make obscene amounts of money for basic care let alone intensive care.

Having them pay insurance premiums or be put in a separate insurance category (high risk fuckwit) would probably make more sense.

newtboy said:

That's why I support using facial recognition to identify these irresponsible inconsiderate ignoramuses and create a database any hospital can use to deny them Covid care, and that responsible people who get infected can use to identify and sue any Covid Marys.
If they insist on putting everyone at risk over their belief that it's not dangerous, they should be forced to live with any repercussions that might arise.

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