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Rare 1930 Clip of Helen Keller speaking with Anne Sullivan

How to upset any New Yorker in 36 seconds

How to upset any New Yorker in 36 seconds

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silvercord says...

Hey friend,

Shuac was not referring to Christie being the adult. Shuac was referring to the redaction of my description based on Stormsinger's comments on same.


In reply to this comment by Zyrxil:
>> ^shuac:

>> ^silvercord:
You're right. I redacted the description.

Now this is how an adult admits wrongdoing. Simple and honest instead of combative, inflammatory, and meandering. And I've got more respect for silvercord because of it.
^Douchebag videosifters take note.^

It's not, actually. First, it's ridiculous for him to act like the question wasn't asked in a calm reasonable tone. Second, what actually happened was the result of Christie instructing an appointee of his the exact actions to take during negotiations with teachers unions. They blew up, and as a direct result of that, NJ lost 400million in federal funding.

The appointee was thrown under the bus by Christie, and he acts like he could have done nothing about it. This isn't how an adult admits wrongdoing, it's how a career politician does it.

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silvercord says...

I read this article and am partially through the replies. I think that there are some people in this country on both sides of the debate that are actually thinking this through.

I don't know if that answers your question, but at least it isn't FOX news.


In reply to this comment by gbfunk:
>> ^quantumushroom:

Obamarx is really good at describing the poop on the plate as brownies but when it's time to eat we still only have sh;t. Left-wing Statism is a failure without any obstruction from the right. The Telepromptesident claimed to want The Job, so quit whining and keep trying to fly that stone kite, Soetoro. At least until November.

I'm just curious here, but is there some place that I can go to get a legitimate conservative opinion? Is there a website out there where intelligent conservatives actually have valid points and constructive criticism on todays issues? I am honestly openly looking for that, but I don't think I've ever seen an intelligent conservative comment from anyone, anywhere (that I can remember). Surely this isn't all there is. Where do you go for your facts that have turned you so against this administration? I'm hoping that there is just some secret shining beacon of intelligent conservatism out there that puts everything into perspective and I just don't know about it yet. And please don't say it's Fox News.

I guess i'm actually assuming that your conservative based on the tone of the quote below. I suppose you could be libertarian or even an Anarchist for all I know, but the question still applies.

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