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newtboy said:

Ankylosaurus magniventrishas always been my favorite. Huge (33' and around 8 tons) and one of the spikiest of all ankylosaurs. My favorite dinosaur of all time.
I prefer the theory that it's both false head and weapon. Dinosaurs often didn't have great vision so a false head doesn't have to be very convincing. Getting a predator to attack the club would put it in perfect striking range, the tails weren't as flexible as crocodiles or iguanas, and 8 ton giant bearded dragons don't spin on a dime.
*promote a *quality beast.

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oritteropo says...


It took me a minute of looking at it to work it out too. The ropes need to be kept under tension for it to work, and at first glance the four corner pieces are much more obvious than the one doing all the work of holding it up.

lucky760 said:

That's really cool! But help me understand the physics. 🤔

How is the upper half being held up, is it really just the rope attached to the middle lower wood that's supporting all the weight?


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