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The Difference Between The UK, Great Britain, and England

noims says...

This is mostly ok, but from an Irish point of view there are a few things that made me cringe a little.

Firstly the term the 'British Isles' isn't universally recognised, but I admit any alternatives I've heard don't exactly trip off the tongue.

Secondly, a statement like Ireland "joining" the UK in 1801 glosses over some pretty important details.

Worst of all, though, is the way he pronounces Edinburgh. It's still making me squirm.

Look Around you 1 - Maths

noims says...

Part of this was posted here before, but I can't stay angry with Look Around You. Oh darling, you know I never stopped loving you!

Daffy Duck for President

Orangutan understands 72 words!

noims says...

I was so hoping for Azy to know the word for a book.

I know it wouldn't have made sense, but it's got 'ook' right there in the word!

newtboy (Member Profile)

noims says...

You might find it funny that we had The Banana Splits in Ireland too, and it was one of my favourite shows. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I was singing the intro to my own son.

newtboy said:

In Texas in the 70’s we had The Banana Splits, a gang of wacky mascots, that hosted Hanna Barbera cartoons.
Where/when was Wake Rattle and Roll aired?

newtboy (Member Profile)

noims says...

Damn right. Good thing Goggle's there's to protect us from all the tracking

In case you're interested, I use a plugin to redirect youtube, instagram, and a few others to alternative sources that at least claim to respect your privacy a bit more.

It doesn't work a significant percent of the time, but it works well enough for me.

The one I use is Privacy Redirect ( but I'm sure there are plenty of others.

newtboy said:

Screw Facebook. I won’t allow them to track my every move, so they won’t let me see this video. Found it on the Tube…

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

noims says...

I just wanted to say thanks for the updates. I hope you don't forget that there are plenty of people out here - online and off - whose lives you make better in small ways whether or not you know it, and we care about you for one reason or another.

i.e. as I'd say any of my friends face-to-face, get well soon you old bastard, we're counting on you.

Mordhaus said:

I got the MRI, which changed things for the worse. I had a large tumor which they determined to be cancer. I also had to get a CT to see if it had spread to the lungs and it showed some small nodules in my lower right lung. They can't be sure it is cancer or not yet. If they shrink during the treatment, then it is cancer.

The treatment I am undergoing is called Immunotherapy, a targeted drug which adheres to the chemical that cancers put out to trick the body into thinking they are normal tissue. Once it binds, the body sees it as foreign tissue and tries to kill it.

Obviously, all the other issues have taken a back seat. If the treatment works, I could live for some time. If it doesn't, I am looking at an estimated 4-6 mos.

I don't know when or if I will be mentally recovered enough to start posting again. No matter what, though, I appreciate all of you.

How to identify a seal

noims says...

Movember can be confusing that way.

WmGn said:

Fake news that walruses don't live further south than Alaska! I saw a bunch without tusks in Florida.

Intriguing Objects of Intersection

noims says...

Nice use of GEB specifically as a nod to the fantastic book Godel Escher Bach - my edition at least has exactly this shape on the cover.

Cristal Baschet (an instrument that needs to be wet)

noims says...

Monty Python and The Muppets separately had sketches about animals trained/tuned to squeal at a particular pitch when hit. They were assembled into an instrument that allowed a sadist play tunes on them with hammers.

Between the timbre of the notes and the look of the 'keys', from start to finish I couldn't stop thinking of this instrument as the same, but using pleasure instead of pain (if you get my meaning).

Bee extinction: Why we're saving the wrong bees

noims says...

Very interesting, and the kind of thing more people should know. A little long for the information they give, but still worth a *promote

newtboy (Member Profile)

The Plane That Will Change Travel Forever

noims says...

Really interesting. Like @StukaFox I was thinking about the window issue. I've heard that one reason window shutters need to be open at take-off and landing is so emergency crews can look in as well as cabin crew looking out.

One funny point of wording too. At 13:24 when talking about sensor failure he says how redundancy in design is so necessary. In light of this I found it funny that his conclusion regarding pressure vessel structure at 22:37 was that having a hardened skin around an arched pressurised section is a waste because it makes the internal section entirely redundant. OK, so I agree with him on both points, it just made me smile.

Parents Read of books from the LCPS Library

noims says...

4-5 examples from one book, plus a single quote about a girl wanting a big dick from a second (written by a woman, incidentally). I assume that these were pretty much the best examples they could find.

I do agree that if the school board spent 1.8 million dollars on these books that would be a waste, but I somehow doubt that happened.

Explaining Pink Floyd's First Masterpiece

noims says...

It's taken me four attempts to watch this video. Not because it's hard to get through, I just keep realising a few minutes in that I'm just singing along to that amazing song and amn't listening to a word the guy's saying about it.

It's been my go-to song for testing music gear for decades now, as well as my go-to when I'm feeling chill, feeling down, feeling like I want to feel something or nothing, or just want to dream.

I think Echoes is my duvet made audible.

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