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newtboy (Member Profile)

lucky760 says...

Oh man, that's a bummer.

Thanks for letting me know. Not sure if I'll have time to try digging into that, especially because I don't have any iOS devices.

newtboy said:

Unsure what happened, but after my iPad updated the os last weekend, it seems embeds in comments no longer work. I just see a blank space, even for the one I just posted from YouTube.
Thought you might want to know.
Same thing for videos ant posted from bluesnews. Just empty space…both when opted in and opted out of “beta”

newtboy (Member Profile)

lucky760 says...

Thanks for the feedback! It's much appreciated.

newtboy said:

I feel like, if integrated here, this could drive traffic to the sift. Not sure if that’s your plan or wish, just a thought.
Also, copyright it now!!! Wordle sold for “low seven figures” to the New York Times.

Why boredom is good for you

Tesla Gigafactory Austin 4K Day 500 - 12/4/21 -

lucky760 says...

Love to see it.

Great standing on the precipice of the automotive world changing for the better. Everyone is going electric FINALLY, thanks largely to Elon for giving everyone a long overdue kick in the pants.

Intriguing Objects of Intersection

'Dead as a doornail' expression explained

Take a guess at this physics debate question | Veritasium

How a Kar98k Works

$800 million obstacle course fish zapper

$800 million obstacle course fish zapper

The Ugly Truth Behind the Will Ferrell G.M. Commercial

lucky760 says...

Finger-pointing's great and all, but I'm just optimistic about the future.

California passed a law that only zero-emission vehicles can be sold as of 2035, the same year GM vows to be selling only zero-emission vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Problem

lucky760 says...

GM will only be selling electric vehicles by 2035, and they'll be selling dozens of EV models in the next 5 years.

We're well on our way...

The Gamestop Short Squeeze in 4 Minutes


The World's First CVVD Engine - Genius!

lucky760 says...

The first thing that comes to mind is how antiquated this video is going to be when there are no more cylinder engines because we only need electric motors.

In 2035 selling new gas-powered automobiles will no longer be allowed.

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