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Larnell Lewis Hears "Enter Sandman" For The First Time

Incitement: Is the President Guilty of Inciting the Riot?

Lands That Will FLOOD in Our Lifetime

greatgooglymoogly says...

Genius narrator thinks a dam will hold back the ocean from SF Bay. Completely forgetting the river will fill it up to the same level behind the dam anyway. You are not going to pump all that river flow UP into the ocean. All it could help with is protection against storm surge.

The pictures this video shows does not represent a "38 cm rise by 2100" mentioned in the beginning. It would have been nice to show the actual level of rise depicted in the images and projected year that would occur.

Hexagons are the Bestagons | CGP Grey

greatgooglymoogly says...

Yep, I'm surprised this fact wasn't in the video.

moonsammy said:

My understanding is that bees actually use circles. It's just that the wax ends up warm and a bit flow-y, resulting in the circular tubes naturally warping into the efficient hexagon shape. The bees aren't making hexagons on purpose necessarily, nature just prefers the shape and is generally awesome.

White Cop Pulls Over Black Cop (Michael Lawrence)

MMA Fighter shows exactly what happened to George Floyd

greatgooglymoogly says...

The lookout in your example would have a felony murder charge, which is distinctly different from murder. If prosecutors overcharge and one juror doesn't agree, then they get off. I don't think the DA will risk that. I wonder how they are going to find an impartial jury though.

MMA Fighter shows exactly what happened to George Floyd

greatgooglymoogly says...

Kueng hadn't yet completed his third full shift as a police officer on the day of the incident.

Thomas Lane was on his fourth day on patrol.

In the video, Lane can be heard asking several times about rolling Floyd over and Chauvin says no.

I think it will be hard to get a murder conviction against these two.

There certainly is distinction between the actions of all 4 officers.

Why The Elevator Shaft Was Invented Before The Elevator

greatgooglymoogly says...

Clickbait title. Freight elevators had existed for many years, the building designer simply predicted there would be a safe passenger elevator invented soon enough to put an elevator shaft(round one!) into his new building. He was right, but the key is he wasn't predicting the invention of the elevator as the title implies.

How can a PASSENGER land an AIRCRAFT?!

My 4,566,300,000 Year Old Ring

CGP Grey: What is Federal Land?

Deadlocked Bench Vice is Perfectly Restored

greatgooglymoogly says...

Big multinational corporations are responsible for outsourcing to China, but the Chinese companies do indeed do quite a bit of copying on their own. Any popular product is going to get copied by 50 others trying to make a living, it's a result of their legal system I guess.

diego said:

i just re read my comment, and please omit the chinese from my criticism which is directed entirely at capitalism and multinational corporations, the chinese IMO are not to blame for greedy western multinationals selling themselves out so they could buy everyone and keep themselves on top, they were the ones with power and control who set these conditions

TED Talk: Whitopia

greatgooglymoogly says...

So "not entirely inaccurate, though" equals "that statement is wrong" to you? I can see why it's so hard to have a discussion in the English language with you. Is it not your original language?

"they are likely mistrustful of people who don't look like them and could be swayed by one or two strong voices to persecute those they see as "other""

Seems like you're fine making large behavioral generalizations based on skin color, or am I reading that one wrong too?

Drachen_Jager said:

I have never argued against that.

So, yet another straw man?

Can you look up a list of fallacies so you can at least know what I'm talking about? Fallacious arguments have no value. You don't seem to understand the basic logical mistakes you're making.

DHS - Russia Did NOT "Attack" Elections --

greatgooglymoogly says...

"when you characterize these things as attacks I think that that is perhaps overstating what may have happened in the 21 states...the majority of the activity was simple scanning....scanning is a regular activity across the web."

Gee I wonder how Jimmy is twisting those words into a "semantic" argument. It's literally what the Homeland Security guy being questioned is saying, he's not twisting anything!

newtboy said:

So, to save you wasting 22 minutes watching this dreck, this is all a semantic argument about how you define "attack".

If you say illicitly intruding on a system and stealing the data, and probing the system to prepare for future intrusions is just "scanning" and to be an "attack" they must successfully, detectably use that stolen data to take over/directly influence the system (like deleting or invalidating voters or freezing/ransomwareing the election computer systems) or to successfully change the results inside election machines, then there was no successful attack detected.
If you think breaking into election systems, stealing the data, and scanning the election system for exploitable vulnerabilities is an attack, there were many attacks detected.

Jebus Christ, this is what Jimmy Dore has become, a ranting conspiracy theorist that gleefully twists any fact to match his narrative? How sad.

Award winning teacher Kerstin Westcott's resignation speech

greatgooglymoogly says...

You have to believe that competition with charter schools would not allow this situation to continue year after year. I can't believe this is a middle school, not high school. Ultimately though, it's nearly impossible for teachers to do the job that parents should be doing.

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