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The Man Who Accidentally Killed The Most People In History

The Vitamin D Paradox in COVID-19

eric3579 says...

If you have been under the assumption that raising Vit D levels by supplementing will help with covid outcomes, you should watch this. TLDW it seems it has nothing to do with vit D levels , but everything to do with another spectrum of sunlight (near-infrared). *promote

True Facts: Sea Stars

The Difference Between The UK, Great Britain, and England


eric3579 says...

TLDW after 8 min. So what you're trying to say is cut off 20%. Did he really need to explain how to do the math? I was hoping for the physics of why 20% is the number. Seems more like a guesstimate that kinda works, most of the time.

How Pirates, Rebels & Insurgents Make Money

eric3579 says...

The Somali pirate investment program is amazing. Who knew fee/taxes is where many of these groups make their cash. Creative finance at its finest. So much easier than trafficking drugs.

Why Russia is Invading Ukraine

The American Interstate's Forgotten Code | CGP Grey

The Death Couloir - Mont Blanc

The Death Couloir - Mont Blanc

Fascinating connection between UV light, Opiods and Vit. D

Fascinating connection between UV light, Opiods and Vit. D

Why Horseshoe Crab Blood Is So Valuable

Brian Cox Discusses Science Behind Don’t Look Up SPOILERS

MBARI Best Of The Year Deep Sea Finds

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