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Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?

enoch says...

not even gonna acknowledge the depth and intelligence in his comment?
because that shit was fucking brilliant.

BSR said:

I was kinda looking for a YES or NO. I am but a simple man.

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

enoch says...

this right here is what drives me absolutely bonkers.

you proceed from a false premise:
that "wealth" translates to being less corruptible.

blindly ignoring what wealth actual not only IS,but what it represents to the elite class in America.


so could we please STOP with how much trump is actually worth,as if it has any inherent meaning in terms of power?

i do not understand wasting time with an ideologue,or dissecting his obviously conflicting comments as somehow expressing a clear and definable philosophy.these people play in the realm of cult of personality,spectacle and magical thinking.

their adoration for a particular public figure is cultish,and has very little to do with reality but more how their idol represents an ideal that they feel very strongly about.

so are we really surprised that bob will give Alexandria ocasio cortez a nod for exposing how easy it is to corrupt the system,but then conveniently excuse his idol and give him a pass based on the flimsiest of reasons:wealth.

when it was Alexandria ocasio cortez's lightning round that exposed how it is actually EASIER for the executive branch and the president to sell their influence for money.

but to bob,and how he sees things,the very idea that trump would ever engage in a breach of morality,and break his promise to the American preposterous,...because trump already has money,why would he sell his integrity?

because BOB has integrity.
because BOB would never break a promise.
this is basic projection of ones morality onto a figure they admire.
we can apply the exact same metric to those who voted for Obama.same thing.same results.

you will never get bob to admonish his hero,because that hero represents the IDEA of what bob is projecting,not the actual reality.

fundamentalists engage in the exact same magical thinking.

so how can i get mad for bob,and the other trumpsters of the world?
i pity them.
because delusional dreams always crash on the shores of the real eventually.

and that is going to be a sad day for bob.

scheherazade said:

Bob said that her line of argument (selling regulation policy changes for self enrichment), is less of an obvious motivation for someone who enters politics already wealthy.

That's a perfectly fine statement to make, as there is less to gain.


AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

enoch says...

while I am absolutely delighted to watch both the democratic and republican parties LOSE their minds over AOC,and watch them bumble and stumble all over themselves to discredit this 29yr old Latina spitfire.

the political establishment continues to miss the plot,because they live in their own tiny,elitist bubbles.

every time they attempt to marginalize her,attack her outright,shame her,belittle her...
her numbers go up.
the republicans try to attack her by exposing her ideas as laughable,but what they are really doing is campaigning for her.
she literally gets more popular every time FOX news has ben shapiro on to "expose" AOC as the "loony left".

and the democrats may actually be MORE afraid of AOC than the republicans!
they are trying to primary her out of her seat,which he has only been in a few weeks.
which has seen AOC's war chest boom with private,small amount,donations.

they (meaning the establishment,corporate lackeys in congress) along with their corporate media stooges.

are doing their best to paint AOC as a "kook" as a "crazy" as somehow not being an actual representative of what normal folk want in a representative.

just like they did with nader,paul,sanders..

but it looks like the American people are finally on to the games of the kleptocrats.

and AOC has become the youngest and most popular congresswoman..ever.

because AOC Is not a kook,or a crazy.

she is whip smart and politically savvy.

and in five minutes she lays out the ease of corruption in our government.

suck a dick trumpters!


newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

I wrote that as more tongue in cheek.

and WE wrote on our walls,we were saying something.

or at least it felt like we were saying something.
I wasn't being judgey,

was trying to be funny.

I guess?

good to see you btw.

newtboy said:

Really?! After the walls of text we have shared with each other in the past having public discussions, some serious some not, I'm shocked you would write that.

newtboy (Member Profile)

newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

i really don't know why some fans got all pissy about a female doctor,but payback makes a good point:fans have bitched about every doctor incarnation.

newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

missy identifies multiple times she is a "timelady".
dude,she was fabulous as the female version of the master.

newtboy said:

No. I've never been a Dr Who fan, so I really don't care.
Just making the point that a Lord is a male Lady in British nobility. I can't grasp why some want to be lords now, as if the terms aren't equal in status....but whatever. Not my fight.

newtboy (Member Profile)

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness

newtboy (Member Profile)

newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

dr peterson is a professor of psychology at university of toronto,and former harvard professor.

i like him but often disagree with some of his criticisms,but he does source all his claims on his website and his books.

though his book "maps of meaning" is a bit of a slog.

one thing i admire about peterson is his careful use of words,which is where the interviewer was getting tripped up.

she was not really listening,and was instead reacting based on assumptions,rather than his actual words.which is why she kept with the "so what you're saying.."

the extreme left has labeled peterson an "alt-right" demagogue and a "transphobe" but both of these allegations are patently ridiculous with even a tertiary examination of what peterson is saying.

you don't have to agree with him,but as this interviewer found out,presume at your own risk.

he will may you pay for your presumptions and arrogance.

i find both dr peterson and dr haidt invaluable in understanding the psychology of human societies.peterson is an evolutionary psychologist while haidt focuses on moral psychology.

but what do i know..i am just a ghetto white trash kid from the burbs.
still interesting.

newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

where did he draw conclusions from online videos?
did i miss something?

newtboy said:

Yeah...I found him fairly dismissive, especially since his data set was from watching videos online. WTF kind of science is that?!

I disagreed with most of what he said, particularly about pay gaps.
She wasn't the brightest bulb either.

newtboy (Member Profile)

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