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dag says...

Who dares wake Dag from his Sift slumber?! You have been unhobbled. Hobbling should only be used in an emergency when someone with some power is running rampant on the Sift. Anyone using the hobble power outside of that situation will find themselves the hobblee… or worse.

Tip of the day: SHUT THE FUCK UP

Prove Apple wrong about data recovery and get banned

dag says...

As some of you may know I'm an Apple Fanboy so take this with a grain of salt.

-- was she advertising her services on the Apple Support forums? I can see where that would get you banned.
-- the responses she received on the forum were from other users - not official statements
-- for several years now data on iPhones has been encrypted with the secure enclave. Even Apple can't unencrypt. Depending on the type of damage, it could be very difficult and sometimes impossible to retrieve the data.

With those bits out of the way - I do support right to repair, and I don't like Apple's stance on this type of stuff. I recognise that Apple isn't the company I loved from the 80s - but I still enjoy their products.

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C-note (Member Profile)

dag says...

As en loco parentis for the Kids channel I will tell you that this channel is both about kids and FOR kids - videos that would be of interest to kids. The videos you were assigning to *kids were not appropriate for that channel - and it’s not the place to make a political point. Siftler out.

C-note (Member Profile)

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What is Water Hammer?

dag says...

Me too. Interesting though. I've definitely lived in some houses that had this problem.

mxxcon said:

I was expecting completely different content. I thought he would show some sort of actual hammering device which uses water.

But this is just as cool of a topic. Would've been interesting to see in more detail various solutions to address this effect.

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