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bleedmegood says...

dont feel bad for the dupeof invocation....i'd rather know asap as opposed to watching the votes skyrocket only to find out a day or two later that it's a dupe...dont know if it was intentional but you invoked the youtube url instead of the videosift url. I'm going to make a concerted effort to maintain correspondence with my sift buddies and fb friends. I've been lagging lately due to my studies, but I have the persistent nagging feeling that I should nurture my on-line friendships. I just realized a couple of days ago that you had been awarded a silver star. That was crazy quick, and well deserved. Congrats! I hope you are finding life to your liking. Mine is currently filled to the brim with happiness and moments of sublime absurdities, and I continue to absorb every last drop...namaste...
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Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often. (Mark Twain)

Certainly true for you and I appreciate your well developed economy with words.

I like hearing from you as well, still.

Thank you.

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bleedmegood says...

Hey there chicco....I hope that all is well with you....I've been busy lately with school, so I've lagged in my correspondence....and I haven't been sifting as much as usual....

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