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Use of force incident at Walmart in East Syracuse NY

Mordhaus says...

Well, the one cop is going to lose his job. I can understand his frustration, but even if someone is biting you, you can't just slug them. Not when you have a Taser and help.

I do have to wonder why the female cop is not helping. Both guys could have used some help to keep the crowd back at least. The closest I saw he trying to help was when the one lady was biting the guy. As soon as he swung, she raised her hands and was like "Nope, not losing my job or freedom."

Use of force incident at Walmart in East Syracuse NY

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West Coast Cherry Crops Destroyed By Heatwave

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Mordhaus says...

Totally understand.

eric3579 said:

Ugh, i just deleted 30 minutes of blah blah blah i had typed out. I just can't afford to get into. Having these back and forth type discussions just ramp up my anxiety I knew it was a bad idea to leave a comment. My bad. (and this is why i can't have nice things)

Still don't think the description holds water regarding that prop 47 is the implied cause for the situation.

Shoplifting Running Rampant

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